Yellow or red, which fruit should you avoid for diarrhoea?

Verified on 19/08/2022 by Guillaume Tabbara, Journalist
Jaune ou rouge, quel est ce fruit à éviter contre la diarrhée ?

If you suffer from diarrhoea or intestinal pain, this fruit should not be eaten.

This fresh-tasting summer fruit is a must-have for July and August! Its virtues are well proven, both aesthetically and naturally. Enough to make you want to eat it without moderation! But beware of the other side of the coin…

A laxative fruit?

Plums are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber… and they stimulate intestinal transit!

If consumed in excess, theplum acts as a laxative. This is due to the many fibers it contains, including sorbitol, a sweetener that facilitates intestinal transit. In optimal quantities, it is an excellent ally against intestinal laziness.

And the prune?

Like the plum, the prune has many positive effects on our body. However, it also has a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

The recommendation is to eat a maximum of 2 or 3, in order to extract the most positive benefits. If eaten in excess, prunes can cause transit problems, colon irritation and unbalanced sugar intake. In the event of constipation, there’s a grandmother’s remedy that involves eating prunes.

Thanks to its high fibre content (7g per 100g of fruit compared to 1.5g for plums), prunes will help relieve intestinal problems.

To conclude

It is therefore not advisable to eat plums and prunes when you suffer from diarrhea. It’s also possible to suffer from diarrhea after eating too much of them.

Other foods have laxative effects and are not recommended if you suffer from intestinal discomfort:

  • milk,
  • cereals,
  • dried fruit,
  • oilseeds,
  • spices…