Yacht charter in Algajola: itinerary ideas

Quel bateau louer ?

Yacht charter in Algajola: discover our itinerary ideas around the Isle of Beauty, sun and pork!

A pretty Corsican village set on the water, Algajola is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and those seeking a more intimate setting. While its hushed atmosphere and narrow streets sheltered by ramparts give it an exquisite charm, the village lives above all by the rhythm of the water.

Here, the pleasures of the sea come in all shapes and sizes. You can eat fresh fish, take a sailing course or try out the thrills of kite surfing. And, above all, laze with your feet in the Mediterranean.

What’s more, you can hire a boat in Algajola and set off to discover the natural and cultural wonders of northern Corsica!

Route 1: Algajola to Bastia (six days)

Location de bateau à Algajola

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  • Day 1: Sail from Algajola to Île Rousse. Take a dip near its large bloody rock before mooring in port. Despite its popularity and the arrival of numerous ferries, Île Rousse has preserved its charm.
  • Day 2: The Agriates Desert is one of the most popular destinations on the Isle of Beauty. While many visit on foot or by 4×4, you’ll have the privilege of disembarking by boat. Perfect stretches of sand, gentle hills covered in scrub, translucent seabeds: the place looks like a piece of paradise washed ashore. From your boat, you’re likely to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets of your vacation.
  • Day 3: Saint Florent is a slightly out-of-the-way destination, whose charming harbor and unspoiled environment are sure to win you over. Also known as the « Saint-Tropez » of Corsica, it is as colorful as it is authentic. A cultural imprint that it retains even in summer, when the tarasses and clubs are packed to the rafters.
  • Day 4: Centuri attracts elites and lobster lovers alike. Clinging to the mountainside and split into eight charming hamlets, Centuri immerses you in a unique Corsican atmosphere. And that’s the beauty of a yacht charter in Algajola: to discover Corsica in a way that few travelers will ever experience.
  • Day 5: Built by the Genoese, cut into cobbled streets and dotted with monuments with faded facades, Bastia is full of surprises. From its port to its old town, you’ll discover a way of life and specialties all its own.

Route 2: Algajola to Girolata (three days)

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  • Day 1: Set sail for Calvi. All along the way, the road leads you to a number of anchorages and ravines that open onto superb beaches. When you arrive in Calvi, the view is grandiose. This great Corsican port and its beautiful marina, carved out like a moon, will give you the warmest of welcomes!
  • Day 2: The advantage of renting a boat in Algajola is that you’ll be able to reach corners that are difficult to access by land. Such is the case of La Girolata, nestled deep in the mountains. Its sumptuous bay is well worth a day’s visit. Girolata boasts a few houses dominated by a Genoese fort, alleyways shaded by terraced restaurants and a delightfully nonchalant atmosphere.
  • Day 3: Cross the southern border of the Scandola Reserve: a marvel renowned for the splendor of its seabed. Return to Algajola.

Itinerary 3: Algajola to Ajaccio (one week)

Location de bateau à Algajola

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Return to itinerary number 1 via Calvi and Girolata.

  • Day 3: On the third day, instead of turning back, head into the cove of the Scandola Reserve. Throw away your ink and enjoy the landscape of azure lagoons, fragrant pine forests and immaculate sandbanks.
  • Day 4: Set sail for the Calanques de Piana. Intense emotions and a festival of colors guaranteed. The site is remarkable for the rarity of its fauna and the splendor of its flora.
  • Day 5: Leave Guy de Maupassant’s « wonder of the world » and head for Cargèse. This village can claim to be the most authentic in Corsica. Here you’ll find all the hallmarks of the Mediterranean: its cuisine, its sunshine, its values and its roots.
  • Day 6: The journey continues towards the Sanguinaires Islands. Another providential stop that’s sure to make your jaw drop. This archipelago of four magmatic islets is a surreal landscape. Bloody rocks dip into the turquoise water, while in the background, the green of the maquis explodes.
  • Day 7: Ajaccio, Napoleon’s birthplace, with its citadel, rainbow-colored old town and beautiful beaches, has it all. An exceptional finale to your yacht charter in Algajola.

Our boating tips for Algajola

A skipper who masters all the subtleties of navigation and the configuration of Corsican waters is a real asset. In fact, these expert sailors and regional guides guarantee your safety throughout your itinerary.

What’s more, they’re the perfect tour guides to introduce you to the unique culture of the Isle of Beauty. Another tip: don’t forget that Mother Nature rules. The Mistral and Corsican winds can sweep away attractive areas.

So check the weather and wind conditions regularly!

When is the best season to rent a boat in Algajola?

In summer and winter alike, Corsica lives up to your dreams: typical, unspoilt, warm and sunny. June, July, August and September are the best seasons for sailing in generous temperatures.

However, we still prefer the period from May to early June, or from late September to October, to avoid the hordes of tourists and soaring prices. A little bonus: as autumn approaches, the waters will still be warm from summer.

How much does a yacht charter in Algajola cost?

Quel bateau louer ?

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Renting a boat in Algajola costs between €100 and €500 per day for a motorboat or RIB. Sailboats and catamarans start at around €400 and can easily reach €800 per day.

A yacht costs between €2,000 and €3,000 per day. Prices do not include the cost of fuel (dry hire), rental of leisure equipment (from classic masks/fins to jet skis) or a skipper (around €150 per day).

How to rent a boat in Algajola?

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There are two options for finding a boat rental in Algajola. The first is to use a local company that owns its own boats and can offer you different packages.

The second, less expensive option is to use a private rental platform. Samboat, the French leader in this field, puts renters and owners in touch with each other when they want to rent a boat in Algajola.

It’s simple, reliable and fast. Enter your preferences, the length of your stay and send a message directly to the owner using the dedicated messaging system.

Which boat to rent in Algajola?

For your boat rental in Algajola, you have a wide choice of boats. Motorboats, RIBs, catamarans, sailboats and yachts are available all year round. Your choice will depend on the scope of your itinerary, your desires and your expertise at sea!