Why not take a beer bath in Prague at the Beer Spa?

Beer Spa Prague

Relax with a glass of beer at a Beer Spa in Prague! Good for your body, a beer bath will be an unusual moment of relaxation during your stay in Prague!

According to the Czechs, taking a beer bath is not only pleasant, it’s also good for your body and mind. Soak in an amber nectar bath and you’ll feel revitalized from head to toe, your skin will thank you, and your stress will melt away like snow in the sun.

In Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, there’s no shortage of beer spas, and one in particular caught our eye. Introducing the Beer Spa Prague!

In brief

  • Relax in a beer bath
  • Drink as much beer as you like
  • Enjoy a moment of relaxation in a warm bed

Bathing has always been a favourite for its benefits to the skin

Since time immemorial, we’ve been obsessed with eternal youth. Did you know that regular bathing with special ingredients can improve the quality of your skin? Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, used to bathe in donkey’s milk. The beneficial effects of milk (of any kind) on the skin have been proven. The famous French queen Marie-Antoinette liked to take wine baths to keep her skin smooth and nourished. The Romans also used vinotherapy to moisturize and color their lips.

Beer Spa Prague

Photo credit: Aurélien Buttin

Fortunately, these days we don’t need to search for donkey’s milk to enjoy a skin-healthy bath. If you’re visiting Prague, « the kingdom of beer », we highly recommend a visit to one of the popular Beer Spa.

Czech beer is a national treasure. Beer of the highest quality has been brewed in the country for centuries, and this beverage is deeply rooted in the national culture. It’s no coincidence that Prague is the city with the highest annual beer consumption, with a total of 144 liters per capita. But in addition to its taste, Czech beer has also been enjoyed as a bath since the Middle Ages: beer baths are recognized for their many virtues for the body (blood circulation, beauty of skin and hair…).

Spending a few hours in a beer spa promises to be a pleasure not only for your body, but also for your palate, because while you’re taking a beer bath, you can also drink as much beer as you like!

Beer Spa République Tchèque

Photo credit: Aurélien Buttin

Where can you find a Beer Spa in Prague for a beer bath?

There are many beer spas in Prague. Having tried one on a recent visit, we recommend the Beer Spa Bernard, in central Prague.

Beer Spa Bernard is located in the heart of the city, close to Old Town Square in the Prague Centre Plaza hotel. Bernard beer is produced in the traditional way, using the finest Czech hops. The beer is not pasteurized, so it retains its quality, taste and aroma. First, you’ll take a whirlpool bath enriched with hops, malt and yeast. A beer dispenser is integrated into your bath for unlimited consumption of lager and dark beer.

After your bath, extend its effects by relaxing in a heated bed. You can also choose the massage option for complete relaxation of body and mind!

Beer Spa Prague

Photo credit: Aurélien Buttin

How much does a beer spa in Prague cost?

This moment of relaxation lasts around 1 hour (the bath and relaxation in the warm bed last 30 minutes each). Please note that your beer bath and relaxation time will take place in private rooms, and that you will be provided with a bathrobe, towels and slippers.

The ideal way to spend this moment of pleasure is with a partner or a group. The more you are, the cheaper it is. For example, for a group of two, the price will be €96 (€48 per person). If there are 4 of you, it will cost you €149 (€37.25 per person).

Add just under €20 per person for a beer massage to prolong the pleasure.

If beer is served at will during your bath, we remind you that alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation.

Have you tried a beer spa in the Czech Republic or another country? If so, please feel free to comment in the section below.