Why do some vegans have stronger bones than others?

Verified on 18/08/2022 by Guillaume Tabbara, Journalist
Certains végétaliens auraient des os plus solides que les autres, pourquoi ?

Vegan dieters who do this are said to have stronger bones than others!

Veganism is a way of eating based on the rejection of products of animal origin. In contrast to vegetarians, they reject anything made from dairy products, cheese, etc.

However, unlike veganism, which is a lifestyle in its own right, veganism stops at food.

Does a plant-based diet « make you weaker »?

A recent study compared the bone structures of vegans and omnivores. We often hear that eating plant-based foods « makes you weaker » or « disrupts bone growth ».

Scientists decided to compare the bone structures of vegans and omnivores, but also of these 2 groups in their environment, depending on the lifestyle of each.

This study, carried out by the University of Vienna (Austria), was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism on August 4, 2022.

Who has the strongest bones?

The Austrian researchers analyzed 88 people. Of these, 43 had been following a vegan diet for at least 5 years and 45 were omnivores. Some were bodybuilders.

They were asked to answer questionnaires and took part in bone analyses to determine precise data on their microarchitecture. The results led to a number of conclusions.

Firstly, between vegans and omnivores. In both groups, those who worked out had similar bone structure.

Secondly, between the vegans themselves according to their daily lifestyle. Vegan participants who exercised at least once a week had stronger bones than those who did not.

Christian Muschitz, author of the study, said, « People who adhere to a vegan lifestyle should perform regular resistance training to preserve bone strength. »