Why choose unusual accommodation for your vacation in France?

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Planning your next vacation in France? Why not opt for an unusual type of accommodation? We explain the advantages of this type of accommodation as part of a responsible holiday.

Over the past few years, many players in the tourism industry have been giving everyone the means to escape in a way that respects the planet. This means offering access to soft mobility, green activities and eco-friendly accommodation. Fairmoove is one of them. A showcase for new, positive and committed tourism, the platform offers rigorously selected eco-responsible accommodation. So why choose an unusual accommodation in France with Fairmoove? Which accommodation to choose? We explain.

Fairmoove’s unusual accommodations

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Fairmoove’s unusual accommodations in France offer incomparable quality of stay. The emphasis is on the natural quality of the site: the establishments blend perfectly into their surroundings. Between lakes and diverse vegetation, travelers have direct access to nature throughout their stay. All accommodations are designed to offer a surface area and number of hectares conducive to well-being and comfort.

Fairmoove also pays particular attention to theprivacy of its guests. As a result, each accommodation is separated by a minimum of 7 meters. These separations are embodied by natural plant hedges, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the heart of nature in complete simplicity. Add to this a range of living spaces (restaurant, bar, swimming pool, etc.), and you have a well-crafted recipe for an unforgettable stay.

France, an ideal destination for an eco-responsible break

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France is one of the world’s most eco-friendly vacation destinations. Today, more than ever, tourism professionals dare to innovate, promote and conserve the natural beauty of our country. The French, for their part, have managed to (re)fall in love with the Hexagone. France offers a spectacular array of ecosystems. From garrigues to mountains riddled with lakes, from coastlines to vast forests, from verdant valleys to canyons, there’s always a corner of nature to take your breath away.

4 unusual accommodations in France

A pioneer in eco-responsible holidays, Fairmoove has established itself as the benchmark agency for ecological, ethical and immersive travel. The proof is in these 4 eco-friendly unusual accommodations, at the service of both man and nature.

La Terre des Baronnies: ecolodge in the Hautes-Alpes


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  • 📍 Location: Ribeyret
  • 🌿 Ecological score: 9/10
  • 💙 We love: the many facilities promoting slow travel

La Terre des Baronnies is an unusual accommodation in the south of France, nestled in the Parc Naturel Régional des Baronnies Provençales. Aline and Bruno welcome you for comfortable stays in deep communion with nature. They open the doors of their wooden cabins, scattered over six hectares of pine forests and moorland. Each cabin has its own terrace. From morning to night and from night to morning, the sound of watch hands and alarm clocks is replaced by the songs of birds and cicadas.

Each La Terre des Baronnies accommodation has its own particularity. Some offer a warm sleep under the stars, while others are right on the water. The site also offers yoga and cooking classes, wellness areas, hiking maps and a bike rental service to encourage slow travel.

Meals, either table d’hôte or delivered in a packed lunch, are composed oforganic and local produce harvested on site. Relaxation areas, a swimming pool and a Nordic bath complete the range of facilities on offer. Our sustainably-designed accommodation blends seamlessly into the landscape, setting the standard for eco-responsibility.

EcÔtelia : ecolodge in Gironde

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Photo credit : Fairmoove

  • 📍 Location: Le Nizan
  • 🌿 Ecological score: 9/10
  • 💙 We love: characterful accommodations that invite you to travel through the world’s cultures.

Fancy staying in an unusual accommodation in France and feeling thousands of miles away? Then head to the wine-growing region of Gironde. Domaine Ecôtelia is much more than an eco-responsible establishment: it offers a journey to the heart of the five continents. Nomads’ yurts, trappers’ huts, Balinese cabins, fishermen’s houses on stilts, desert caïdal tents, safari tents: the estate offers some fifteen traditional and unusual habitats. The accommodations are built in total privacy, in a vast meadow, itself crowned with deciduous trees.

For a local touch, there’s the original Oenolodge, a tribute to Bordeaux nectars. Travelers sleep in a life-size wine barrel, equipped with an alcove bed, where they can try out the tasting service. In a different style, the Palombière accommodation features a turret for observing the region’s endemic birds. Olivier’s love of the Gironde can also be seen in the dishes and aperitifs he offers, in partnership with local artisanal canneries.

Whether you’re dressed as a Caliph from a tale of a Thousand and One Nights, a Mongolian horseman, a Masai explorer or a local winemaker, Domaine Ecôtelia guarantees all the comforts you need. The accommodations even have a natural swimming pool, and three of them a private SPA.

This « coup de cœur » unusual accommodation in France also stands out for its outdoor facilities and the kaleidoscope of outdoor activities on site. It’s just a few minutes away from medieval castles, towns of Art and History, the prestigious Sauternes vineyards and the superb Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park.

Domaine Roccas : unusual accommodation in Lot et Garonne

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Photo credit : Fairmoove

  • 📍 Location: Port-Sainte-Marie
  • 🌿 Ecological rating: 8/10
  • 💙 We love: the subtle alliance between ecology and luxury amenities

Picture this. An organic farm. An environment as bucolic as it is romantic. The warm southwest wind. Alpine pastures dotted with cottony herds. An organic orchard. Welcome to Domaine Roccas in Lot-et-Garonne.

This site offers six unusual and luxurious accommodations. Two transparent bubbles where you can sleep under the eye of the Milky Way, two Amerindian tents where you can rediscover the spirit of the Indians and Inuits, two wooden cabins blended into nature, on the edge of the forest. The latter are also incredible cocoons for wildlife observation… and disconnection (no wifi!). However, they do feature rooms with private baths. And while some travelers enjoy the SPA, others can take advantage of the pool or a body treatment available on site.

Each unit is eco-designed and the services, while very high-end, are absolutely eco-friendly. It has to be said that the owners are die-hard environmentalists, breeders and farmers at heart. What’s more, their packed lunches are filled with local, organic produce.

There’s plenty to do to complete your green stay: a walk around Agen, a visit to the Canal des Deux-Mers, a wine-tasting session at the Buzet vineyards or a relaxing break at the Casteljaloux spa.

Coucoo Grands Lacs : unusual accommodation in Haute-Saône

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Photo credit : Fairmoove

  • 📍 Location: Chassey-lès-Montbozon
  • 🌿 Ecological rating: 9/10
  • 💙 We like: emphasis on kid-friendly activities, in harmony with the well-being of nature and animals

Our fourth and final unusual accommodation in France offers a lakeside jaunt, in the heart of an environment dedicated to the well-being of guests and nature. Coucoo Grands Lacs and its cabins set the standard for eco-responsible glamping in Haute-Saône. Waste management, energy control, eco-labelled cleaning products, dry toilets, a tree doctor, lunch baskets brimming with seasonal produce from the region: in short, it’s a no-brainer.

Nestled between rivers, lakes and forests, the cabins are tucked away in idyllic natural surroundings. The sustainable dwellings are alternately perched in the hardwoods or resting on the water.

Couples and families alike are welcome. Either way, you won’t be stepping on each other’s toes, given the hectare of natural distance between the cabins. To enjoy your stay here, all you need is a love of silence and privacy (and a little adventurous spirit, as not all accommodations have water and electricity). But after all, you’re here for a real experience, aren’t you? Rest assured, there’s a communal eco-hut on the estate, with a bathroom open 24 hours a day and areas dedicated to socializing.

You don’t have to go far to get out and explore. A wide range of activities can be enjoyed from the accommodation: lounging in a Nordic bath, fishing in the river, swimming in the lakes, walking, yoga or cycling around the estate.

🍃 To find out more about Fairmoove’s criteria for selecting eco-friendly accommodations, visit their page!