Which islands to visit in the Seychelles?

Quelles îles visiter aux Seychelles ?

Not sure which island to visit in the Seychelles? Find out which of these heavenly spots are right for you!

Off the east coast of Africa and northeast of Madagascar, discover the Seychelles. Every year, this destination attracts many travelers for its paradisiacal beaches, crystal-clear waters and rich, unspoiled biodiversity. At the heart of theIndian Ocean, this archipelago boasts 115 islands, each with its own special characteristics. So, which Seychelles island should you visit?

There are around forty inland granite islands on the Seychelles plateau, including Mahé, Praslin, La Digue… The outer islands are coral and more remote, such as Aldabra Atoll, Alphonse Island, Desroches Island… There are around 70 of them. Real little natural treasures! To help you decide which Seychelles island to visit, we’ve grouped together the most interesting islands for you to discover, by theme.

Discover the endemic fauna of the Seychelles

Curieuse Island, a turtle paradise

Curieuse Island

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Ennio Maffei – Tourism Seychelles

Just a few kilometers north of Praslin, discover Curieuse Island and its marine national park. This unspoilt gem offers a haven for all kinds of species. The mangroves, rainforest and crystal-clear waters are home to many rare species of native plants and animals. The island is home to a wild population of around 250 giant land tortoises, imported directly from Aldabra, as well as sea turtles during the nesting season.

Aride Island, a wild and preserved ecosystem

ArideIsland Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Ennio Maffei – Tourism Seychelles

Discover Robinson’s life on Île Aride, with its preserved ecosystem. Declared a special reserve in 1975, it’s a haven for all kinds of birds. Wright’s Gardenia grows especially on the island and attracts many birds that come here to nest. This bird sanctuary also boasts a diverse marine life. More than 80 species of fish can be seen on a single dive! Hike to the top of the island for breathtaking panoramic views.

Cousin Island, a small natural paradise

Man swimming with Turtle Seychelles Island Cocos Island

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Michel Denousse – Tourism Seychelles

Listed as a nature reserve since 1968 and a special reserve since 1975, Île Cousin is a small paradise of rich, preserved biodiversity. A haven for many birds, including endangered species, it is a delight for avid ornithologists. Over 250,000 birds nest here every year, including species endemic to the Seychelles. There are also geckos, giant tortoises and sea turtles… It is the most important nesting site for hawksbill turtles, which lay their eggs on the surrounding beaches.

Where to find the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles?

Grande Sœur, a private paradise to discover

Anse Marie Louise Beach, Grande Soeur Island seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles

Close to La Digue, Félicité and Coco Island, discover the breathtaking beauty of Grande Sœur. This private island becomes deserted at weekends if you stay at the luxury hotel that manages the island. Stroll along its two white-sand beaches, bathed in turquoise waters and bordered by lush vegetation. The coral reef shelters an exceptional seabed. Swim out to meet turtles and colourful fish, and end the excursion with a fabulous barbecue on Grande Sœur beach.

Praslin, idyllic green beaches

Anse Georgette Praslin

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles

Whether you want to relax, stroll, take photos or practice water sports, Praslin offers scenes worthy of the most beautiful postcards.Anse Georgette, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles, will dazzle you with its turquoise water, powdery white sand and lush vegetation… It’s perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

L’Anse Bateau is ideal for strolling around and taking photos of the surrounding islands. L’Anse Boudin offers a breathtaking view of Curieuse Island. It’s the beach to be if you want to rub shoulders with Creole culture. AtAnse Matelot, almost inaccessible by land, experience the life of Robinson Crusoe. The lively Côte d’Or has a gentle slope and calm sea, perfect for a family swim or snorkeling trip.

La Digue, a picturesque island with a relaxed atmosphere

Anse Cocos beach la Digue Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Paul Turcotte – Tourism Seychelles

Renowned for theCreole hospitality of the locals, La Digue is also known for its almost deserted paradise beaches. Discover a palette of varied landscapes. The famous Anse Marron, with its rock formations and natural pools, is well worth a visit! This secluded beach is a great reward for adventure-seekers and hikers.

Anse Source d’Argent, protected by a coral reef, offers a magnificent setting, ideal for snorkeling and photo opportunities. With its rough seas, Grande Anse beach is THE perfect spot for surfers. Stroll through this splendid wilderness, accessible by bike. Finally, atAnse Cocos, the paradisiacal beach rubs shoulders with remnants of the past, offering a pleasant setting for a stroll.

Which island is best for hiking in the Seychelles?

Hiking on Mahe Island, the largest island in the Seychelles

Morne Seychellois trail

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Chris Close – Tourism Seychelles

On Mahé, Seychelles’ main island, you’ll find Victoria, the world’s smallest capital. The island abounds in hiking trails for all levels. The trails take you through unspoilt wilderness, national parks and reserves. Discover the island’s varied and magnificent vegetation and wildlife.

In the north of Mahé, the Morne Seychellois National Park offers great walks, such as the Copolia trail, with its tropical jungle, rich wildlife and panoramic views. Along the rocky coast, trails lead to secluded bays such as Anse Major and Beau Vallon. To discover magnificent waterfalls and water reserves, visit the Sauzier waterfall. The less impressive south of the island is well worth the detour, with its many trails through lush countryside and beautiful valleys.

Praslin Island, a tropical hiking paradise

Vallée de Mai, Praslin, Seychelles Waterfall Vallee De Mai, Praslin

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles

Praslin is home to Seychelles’ endemic flora and fauna, including the famous Seychelles black parrot. It also offers a magnificent setting for hiking. Three marked trails wind through the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO-listed tropical forest unique in the world. Discover the local biodiversity and unlock the secrets of this unspoilt site on a guided hike! The Glacis Noir hike takes you through dense vegetation to reach the roof of Praslin, at an altitude of over 300 meters. The panoramic view of the surrounding area is breathtaking. The Fond Ferdinand, Anse Georgette, Salazie Pasquière and Anse Lazio trails are also well worth a visit.

Hike through a mystical forest in Silhouette

Anse Cipailles Silhouette Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Serge Marizy – Tourism Seychelles

Silhouette National Park is home to many native species, including endangered reptiles, birds and exotic plants. The many hiking trails allow you toexplore nature and its kaleidoscope of greens. If you look up during your walk, you may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Seychelles bat in the treetops.

The Grand Barbe trail crosses the island from one end to the other, through mangroves and dense tropical rainforest. This is one of the most challenging and beautiful hikes in the Seychelles. Along the way, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the canopy and the ocean. As for the hike toAnse Mondon, it’s a bit tricky, but the beach is well worth it! The water is so clear that you can see the seabed from the sand. Finally, the trail to Mont Dauban passes through a mystical forest and offers breathtaking views from the 740-meter-high summit of Silhouette.

Where to dive or snorkel in the Seychelles?

Scuba diving and snorkeling in Mahé

Corail Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Chis Mason Parker – Tourism Seychelles

Mahé Island offers some forty colorful scuba diving sites. At Shark Bank, Aldebaran and Enerdale Wreck, explore coral-covered underwater wrecks teeming with life. At Brissare Rocks, swim for white reef sharks, barracudas and turtles. Takamaka Rock offers stunning rock formations, crevices and underwater caves. To the west of Mahé, the Port Launay and Baie Ternay national parks are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Praslin, the most beautiful diving spots in the Seychelles

Anse Lazio Side beach Anse Lazio , Praslin

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles

Praslin is home to some twenty incredible diving spots. TheSaint-Pierre islet site, ideal for beginners, goes down to a depth of 12m. Discover fascinating underwater landscapes, where schools of colorful fish swim before your very eyes. For the experienced, Derman’s Wall is home to numerous tropical fish, turtles, rays and sharks. Finally, Sister Reef, Avé Maria, Channel Rock, Booby Rock, Whale Roch or Ville Perdue also offer great diving spots around Praslin. For snorkeling, swim in Anse Lazio or Anse Boudin and discover the marine life in Praslin’s translucent waters.

Diving on La Digue and neighbouring islands

With its calm, shallow seas, La Digue offers numerous diving spots. For snorkeling, swim among exotic fish at Anse Sévère, Anse Source d’Argent, Petite Anse or Anse Cocos, protected by the coral reef. For scuba diving, discover the rocky coastline of Les Rochers. The clear waters are home to colorful corals, colorful fish, crabs and lobsters. The neighboring islands of La Digue, Coco, Félicité, Marianne, Petite and Grande Soeur, also offer magnificent scuba diving. For an unusual experience, head to Coco, an incredible spot for night diving.

Seychelles islands worth a visit

Grande Soeur island Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles

Take a boat trip to Grande Sœur and Petite Sœur. The lush vegetation, granite rocks and translucent waters offer the perfect setting for lounging, walking or even swimming. The rocky shores of Petite Sœur offer magnificent hiking trails. As for Grande Sœur, with its white sandy beaches, it’s a great place to swim among the colorful fish or enjoy a barbecue!

Cocos Island, Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Ennio Maffei – Tourism Seychelles

To the south-west of La Digue, Coco Island is a protected natural marine park that preserves its exceptional environment. This small, red-toned rock is covered in palm trees and surrounded by crystal-clear waters with an incredibly rich underwater life. A great place for diving and snorkeling, you’ll see many varieties of rare fish.

Diving St Pierre Seychelles

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Ennio Maffei – Tourism Seychelles/b>

To the southeast of Félicité, Marianne Island will fascinate you. Covered in dense vegetation, it’s also a world-renowned diving destination. Its rugged coastline is teeming with marine life, including sharks and rays.

La digue Seychelles Island

Photo credit: ©Image courtesy of Torsten Dickmann – Tourism Seychelles/b>

Félicité, north of La Digue, is a picturesque, almost deserted granite island with a rugged coastline. Formerly a coconut plantation, it boasts a wilderness where you can spend peaceful moments. Theomnipresence of pink granite boulders lends the island great charm. If you’re in the mood for a quiet excursion, this is the place to be.

With its heavenly beaches, crystal-clear waters, lush nature and unique, preserved biodiversity, the Seychelles are a natural treasure trove to visit! The archipelago is bursting with exciting activities to experience and discover the Creole culture and each of the islands. Now all you have to do is choose which Seychelles island to visit. Make your Seychelles travel dream come true by booking your activities on the Seychelles Tourist Office website.