Which islands to visit in the Cyclades? Discover the destination for every taste

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Which island in the Cyclades is right for you? Between enjoying the beaches, partying or sampling the gastronomy… we tell you everything you need to make the best choice!

Looking for a change of scenery and new discoveries? Then the Cyclades islands in Greece are the place for you! With its many islands, each with its own unique characteristics, this region offers a wide choice for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a lively party, a cultural immersion or a peaceful retreat, this heavenly archipelago is bound to have something to offer you.

In this article, we’ll help you choose theisland that best suits your tastes, travel style and expectations, so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Cyclades!

To enjoy the sea and beaches

Milos: the island of natural wonders

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Milos, one of the southernmost islands of the Cyclades, is famous for its heavenly beaches with crystal-clear waters. Travelers in search of relaxation and swimming will be won over by the natural beauty of the beaches of Sarakiniko, Papafragas and Tsigrado. Simply put, if you’re looking for varied and impressive coastal scenery, Milos is the place for you!

But that’s not all: in addition to its beaches, Milos also offersboat excursions to explore the coves and sea caves. Snorkelers can discover the abundant marine fauna, while history buffs can admire the archaeological remains scattered throughout the caves and coves… Tempted?

Koufonisia: an island of peaceful charm

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If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and peaceful to relax, then Koufonisia is the ideal destination for you! This Cycladic island is renowned for its white sandy beaches and shallow waters, making itideal for children and those looking for a safe place to cool off. We particularly recommend the beaches of Finikas and Pori, which will be just what you’re looking for!

The charm of the local villages and seaside walks are another of Koufonisia’s assets, as you can discover cobbled streets, white houses and traditional churches while admiring the deep blue sea. If you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Santorini: the island of many experiences

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You’re probably already familiar with Santorini… A very popular destination, it’s a dream come true for lovers of beaches and water sports. The island’s crystal-clear waters and exceptional panoramas are sure to make you fall in love with the Aegean Sea! Whether you’re looking for beach relaxation or underwater adventure, Santorini has it all.

Here, you can enjoy a unique experience by trying scuba diving to explore the seabed and underwater volcano. The perfect opportunity to discover the colorful marine life and amazing rock formations in the island’s clear waters! And don’t forget to visit the beaches of Perissa and Vlichada, popular spots for scuba diving and water sports in general.

Party without moderation

Mykonos: the island of choice for party-goers

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Mykonos, the famous southern island of the Cyclades, is the ideal destination for travelers in search of a party. With its lively beaches and nightclubs, this island promises unforgettable moments day and night! The main town, Chora-Mykonos, is a lively place, with numerous bars, clubs and restaurants to liven up the streets and create unforgettable memories!

For a change from the ordinary and an even more complete experience, head to Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. These are famous party spots, frequented by party lovers of all kinds. So, are you in?

Ios: the island where you can stay till the end of the night

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Is Mykonos not enough for you? Or perhaps you’re looking for another destination in the Cyclades? Located about an hour’s ferry ride from Mykonos, Ios is also a popular destination for party-goers! With a lively nightlife scene and bustling beaches, it’s the ideal place to enjoy festive moments day and night.

Head to Ios-Chora, the island’s main village, and you’ll be amazed by the atmosphere. You’ll find a wide variety of bars and restaurants, as well as clubs of all kinds, livening up the streets. The village stretches from the hill to the beach, and is well worth a visit! Of course, this dynamic island also has lively beaches… Visit the famous party spots of Mylopotas Beach and Far Out Beach for unforgettable moments and to meet other party-goers of all kinds!

To taste the local gastronomy

Naxos: the island of wine and cheese

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Naxos is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Cyclades, which means there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to gourmet delights! You’ll find a wide variety of local produce, such as the famous « graviera » goat’s cheese, quality wines and aromatic wild herbs. Local dishes are often based on meat or vegetables, and include specialties such as « patouda » (wild herb pie), « fava » (split pea purée) and « pitarakia » (small pies stuffed with feta cheese). Enough to tantalize your taste buds!

Here, you can sample local produce in tavernas and restaurants, while enjoying the island’s beautiful atmosphere. So why not discover the gastronomy of Naxos on your next trip to the Cyclades?

Paros: the island to experience seafood cuisine

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Located to the west of Naxos, the island of Paros offers delicious cuisine and a relaxed atmosphere for travelers. Paros cuisine is strongly influenced by the sea. In fact, you’ll be able to sample dishes featuring fish and seafood that are as fresh as they are delicious. Traditional dishes are varied and delicious! We particularly recommend « pitaridia », a local pasta dish with minced meat and tomato sauce.

For even more flavor, discover other local products, such as cheeses, vegetables (including tomatoes and eggplants) and fresh herbs. You’ll have a wide choice of dishes to choose from, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself!

Santorini: the island to enjoy local cuisine

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Back to the southern Cyclades, to Santorini, the famous volcanic island in its own right with a breathtaking view! Its sumptuous black sand beaches and clifftop villages are not the only treasures the island has in store for you… While you’re there, take the opportunity to discover Santorini’s delicious cuisine, based mainly on cherry tomatoes, eggplant, broad beans and aromatic herbs.

The island’s signature dish is « fava me koukia », a bean purée served with fried onions and toasted bread. Don’t hesitate to accompany this dish with one of Santorini’s local wines, which are also world-renowned thanks to the unique nature of the island’s volcanic soil! Between heavenly landscapes and a mix of flavors, you’ll have an unforgettable stay when you go there!

With its sandy beaches, traditional villages, breathtaking scenery and numerous cultural sites, the Cycladic islands offer a wide choice of destinations to suit all tastes. Have you chosen the island that best meets your expectations, and are you ready for a unique experience in Greece?

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