Where were your wallpaper photos taken? We reveal

Where do the landscape photos in the wallpapers come from?

Have you ever wondered where that place on your desktop pictures might be? Ever wanted to dive into the perfectly blue waters of your wallpaper? Well, you’re about to find out where they were taken! Far from home, at any rate…

« My wallpaper, where is it in real life? »

You always thought it was: Somewhere in Ireland

In fact, it ‘s Sonoma, California. The original Windows XP desktop image, generally known in the tech world as « Bliss », was taken in 1996 on a road running through California’s wine country (the photographer claims the photo has never been digitally altered). Vines have since been planted on the emblematic hill.

Bliss fond d'écran Windows

You always thought it was: the Grand Canyon

It’s actually Antelope Canyon. About a three-hour drive from the Grand Canyon, Antelope is popular with hikers.

Antelope Canyon

You always thought it was: Mount Fuji?

It’s actually: Mount Rainier, in Washington State, USA. With 25 great glaciers, shimmering lakes and endless fields of wildflowers, the area around Mount Rainier is one of America’s favorite national parks.

‡Œ‹Mont Rainier Etats-Unis

You always thought it was: « A small town like you see all over the USA ».

In fact, it’s a small town like you’d see anywhere in the USA, but this one is in Canada. It’s Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Burlington Canada

You always thought it was: the Sahara desert

In fact, it’s a place that may not exist at all. Computer scientists are quick to point out that the moon is upside down in this image, a clue that Photoshop has been used here. If the dunes are real, however, it’s safe to assume that they bear a strong resemblance to those of Sossusvlei, the clay pan in the Namib Desert in southern Africa (the opposite of the Sahara, that is).

Fond d'écran Désert de Namib avec pleine lune

You always thought it was: the coast of Norway on the eve of summer.

It’s actually Pyramid Lake, Nevada, on a night in 2004. This lake was used as the default background for the first iPad edition.

Pyramid Lake Nevada fond d'écran iPad

You always thought it was: somewhere in the Caribbean

In fact, it’s probably somewhere in the Caribbean. The place where the Windows XP « Azul » wallpaper was taken could be, judging by other photos, near Antigua or the Cayman Islands, both of which are bathed in crystal blue ocean water.

Fond d'écran Azul Windows Caraibes

You always thought it was: Wow!Iceland perhaps?

In fact, it’s the « Blue Pond » near the town of Biei, Japan. Filled with trees, it changes color according to the different shades of light.

Blue Pond Japon

You always thought it was: Stonehenge

It’s actually:Foamhenge, a roadside attraction made of polystyrene in the mountains of Virginia in the USA. No, it’s a joke, it’s Stonehenge!

Stonehenge fond d'écran