Where to stay near La Flèche Zoo?

Planning to visit one of France’s most beautiful zoos? To make your visit easier, here’s where to stay near La Flèche Zoo!

The Zoo de la Flèche is located in the splendid Sarthe department, between Angers and Le Mans. It was founded after the Second World War by the eminent biologist Jacques Bouillault. The reason it’s so famous is that it’s one of Europe’s largest zoological parks. In fact, it boasts over 160 species of animal, representing more than 1,600 fabulous specimens! With almost 500,000 visitors a year, it’s one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. In fact, it’s perfectly possible to find a place to stay near the Zoo de la Flèche. The place is so famous that a documentary series has been devoted to it: « Une saison au zoo » (A season at the zoo) broadcast on France 4. It shows the fascinating daily lives of the animals and their caretakers.

Why not take advantage of your visit to the Pays de la Loire to discover it for yourself? If so, here are the best places to stay near La Flèche Zoo.

La Flèche Zoo hotels

Why look for a place to stay near La Flèche Zoo when you can spend the night right on site? The park offers 14 lodges that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the daily life of the animals. The lodges are fully equipped and offer a wide range of services. You can choose a cabin in the middle of the Arctic white wolves, for example. Or you may decide to occupy an African hut followed by an Asian hut with a view of the white tigers.

And why not consider staying in a luxury lodge with a family of polar bears? Whatever you decide, sleeping close to your favorite animals will be an unforgettable experience. Last but not least, it’s the ideal choice if you want to give your children a treat!

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La Flèche

Located close to the village, Hotel le Gentleman is one of the best places to stay near the La Flèche Zoo. This splendid, refined 18th-century building offers 14 charming rooms. These are, of course, equipped with all modern comforts. There’s no doubt that the elegance of the place and the calm that reigns there will pleasantly underline your stay at the Zoo de la Flèche! Delicious meals and breakfasts are served by our attentive staff. The icing on the cake is that it’s only a few kilometers from the park: so book when?

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Looking for an unusual place to stay near La Flèche Zoo? No doubt about it, the Brauderie caravans are just what you’re looking for! Two comfortable roulottes await you in the middle of a splendid four-hectare estate. Run by enthusiastic managers, the place offers visitors the impression of entering a bubble of nature.

What’s more, it’s only twenty minutes from the park, in the pretty village of Brissarthe, where you’ll find everything you need for a good night’s sleep! Bucolic as can be, the place is sure to charm you for a romantic weekend. Will you take the plunge and venture into one of the region’s most beautiful spots?

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The capital of Anjou, a historic city in the Maine-et-Loir region, needs no introduction. The city will appeal to heritage lovers who want to stay close to La Flèche Zoo! Easily accessible and open to the rest of the country, Angers is a national tourist mecca. It offers fabulous points of interest such as the famous Château d’Angers and the spectacular Maison de l’Arlequin. You can also marvel at the marvels of Renaissance architecture as you stroll through its narrow streets.

If you’d like to round off your stay with an exciting cultural stopover, don’t hesitate to visit Angers!

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Le Mans

As you may have guessed, this pretty town isn’t just for racing! Located in the Sarthe region of France, Le Mans is a great place to stay near the Zoo de la Flèche. It’s worth noting that the town is packed with treasures and exciting activities! For example, you can stroll along the banks of the river Sarthe. But you can also wander through the streets of the historic center to Saint-Julien cathedral or the Jardins Pierre-de-Ronsard. Some of the monuments in the heart of Le Mans are among the most visited in France.

Of course, if you’re there for the legendary 24 Hours, you can expect the city to be a hive of activity!

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This charming flower-filled village is less than 8 kilometers from the zoo. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best places to stay near La Flèche Zoo! The hamlet boasts charming lanes, friendly shops and much more. By the way, don’t hesitate to explore the surrounding countryside to stretch your legs. The beauty of this sublime green region is worth the detour alone!

Now you know where to stay near La Flèche Zoo to discover this magical space! So when are you planning to visit the La Flèche Zoo?

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