Where to stay near Harry Potter Studios?

Où loger près des studios harry potter à Londres ?

Are you about to visit the famous Harry Potter Studios in England and don’t know where to stay during your stay? This article is for you!

A must-see for all fans of the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter Studios in London attracts almost 6,000 visitors a day. Have you booked your tickets for this unique experience? Or would you like to spend a few days there?

To the question « Where can I sleep near Harry Potter Studios? we’d love to give you the answer: Hogwarts. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’d have liked that answer. Unfortunately, you’ll have no choice but to fall back on more… ordinary accommodation. So we’ve pulled out our baguette to console you. So here we go, with a roundup of the best places to stay near Harry Potter Studios. Lumos!


Dormir à Leavesden, Londres

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To get as close as possible to Harry Potter Studios, you’ll need to find accommodation in Leavesden. Just a short drive or walk away, this is where the 15,000 m2 museum is located. As Harry Potter Studios is the only tourist attraction in the area, there are very few hotels. Instead, you’ll find it simpler to find a private room or accommodation on Airbnb, from around €60 a night.

This is the ideal place to stay near Harry Potter Studios. You can avoid public transport or driving in England. You also have the chance to be on site for the opening (8:30 a.m.)!

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Around Watford Junction station

Dormir à Watford, Londres

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Looking for somewhere to stay near Harry Potter Studios and planning to travel by public transport? If you’re not planning to visit the capital, sleeping near the train station in Watford is an excellent alternative. It’s the closest station to the studios.

From here, shuttles run regularly (every 20 minutes) from 8.15am to 10pm. In just 15 minutes, you’ll have direct access to Harry Potter Studios! The shuttle costs £3.00 per person per trip, and only cash is accepted on board. Your ticket for the studios or a valid booking confirmation is also required to use this service.

Here, you’ll find rooms less than a kilometer from Watford Junction station from €65 a night. You can also easily reach the station from London by direct train.

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Loger à Camden à Londres

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Highlight: Harry Potter Studios is just 32 km from London. Take the opportunity to spend some time in the English capital, visit its must-sees, try out one of its many pubs and feast on a delicious fish’n chip. If this sounds like you, here are our recommendations for the best places to stay near Harry Potter Studios.


Staying in London’s Camden district may be worth your while, as it’s home to Euston Station, from which trains depart for Watford Junction. Not to be confused with Euston Square Station, the station next door! Northwestern trains to Watford Junction are direct, unlike Overground trains, and travel time is estimated at 20 minutes.

Good to know: the Oyster Card, a rechargeable card for use on London public transport, is valid on the London Euston – Watford Junction route.

But staying in Camden has many other advantages! You’ll be close to many of London’s must-see attractions, including The British Museum, The British Library, The Regent’s Park and Madame Tussauds London. But also Camden Market and London King’s Cross station, home to the famous 9 ¾ platform and the Harry Potter store!

This area of London offers a wide choice of Airbnb accommodation, hostels (from around €15 a night) and hotels (from €45 a night).

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Other districts

Where to stay near Harry Potter studios? You may be tempted by other parts of London. Conditions? Walk, take public transport and drive! This is particularly true if you’ve opted for the package with transfer to Harry Potter Studios. If you take the Golden Tours coach, you’ll have a choice of 4 meeting points in London: Victoria Station and Baker Street in Westminster, Paddington in Westminster, and King’s Cross – St Pancras station in Camden.

The Westminster district is famous for its many historic monuments, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. Note, however, that this is one of London’s most expensive districts.

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Want to stay close to three of the city’s green lungs (Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park)? Choose the West End districts of Soho, Marylebone or Mayfair. Or would you prefer the chic neighborhoods of Chelsea and Kensington, the romantic and mythical Notting Hill, or the dynamic and cultural Southwark and South Bank?

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To find out all you need to know about the best areas to stay in the British capital, we invite you to discover our article dedicated to this subject « In which area to stay in London?« !