Where to stay in Trieste

Où dormir à Trieste

Are you heading for north-east Italy and its charms? Find out where to stay in Trieste for a pleasant vacation!

Often referred to as the « last city in the north », Trieste is an Italian city located at the foot of the Dinaric Alps on the Adriatic coast, close to Venice and the Slovenian and Croatian borders. As such, Trieste is a gateway to the Balkans, a bridge between the West and Eastern Europe.

With a population of around 205,000 spread over 84.5 km², Trieste was for a long time torn between the Holy Roman-German Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire as the first access to the sea, making it a mosaic of Mediterranean, Latin, Germanic and Slavic cultures. Trieste was voted Italy’s top city for quality of life in 2009. But where to stay in Trieste? Accommodation in Trieste will cost on average between €300 and €450 per month, which is half the average cost in France.

Seven boroughs divide the districts of this city of incredible historical and cultural heritage. The city is organized around the port, the Grand Canal and the central square overlooking the sea, called Piazza Unità d’Italia. As we don’t know where to stay every time we arrive in a new city, here’s a guide to where to stay in Trieste.

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Trieste’s historic center is made up of several districts with different atmospheres. The central district is easy to explore on foot, as it is not very large: there are many traces of the Roman occupation, including the Roman theater – which held up to 6,000 spectators – Ricardo’s Arch, built in the 1st century BC, the Roman forum and two ancient Roman aqueducts.

If you enjoy visiting religious buildings, you won’t be disappointed:the Catholic Cathedral of San Giusto and the castle of the same name, the Basilica of San Sivestro, the Catholic Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Catholic Church of Sant’Antonio Taumaturgo, the Lutheran Temple, the Serbian Orthodox Church of San Spiridone, the Greek Orthodox Church of San Nicolò, and the Trieste Synagogue (one of the two largest in Europe).

The piazza Unità d’Italia is emblematic of Trieste, where people gather around the Fountain of the Four Continents: it’s the beating heart of Trieste’s social life. Next door, you’ll find the Palazzo del Governo, the Palazzo Pitteri and the Palazzo della Lloyd: a maze of alleys where you can enjoy the Italian dolce vita to the full. You’ll also find numerous bars and restaurants, shops and museums: an area to stay in Trieste that should appeal to just about everyone!

The Grand Canal

Further north, towards the Trieste-Opicina streetcar station, lies Trieste’s other great district: the Canal Grande, or Grand Canal. It was dug between 1754 and 1756 to allow ships to pass through the old town. Today, the area resembles Marseille’s Old Port in miniature, with a few small barques and motorboats still moored here. The Grand Canal is just a few meters from the main railway station, which is handy if you have an early train to catch the next morning. The Ponte Rosso is littered with terraces where you can enjoy the declining sunshine at the end of a summer’s day. Lodging on the Grand Canal offers a central location for exploring the city.

The Port of Trieste

Located to the south of the ancient city center, the port bears witness to the importance of port trade in Trieste’s history. Until the early 20th century, it was one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Lodging in Trieste near the port means you can sleep in quieter locations, without being out of the way.

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