Where to stay in Taranto

Où loger à Tarente ?

Visiting southern Italy and Puglia? Discover our selection of the best places to stay in Taranto!

Planning a trip to the Salento peninsula? Then make a stopover in Taranto, capital of the province that bears its name! The city of the two seas offers the chance to immerse yourself in the history of the region, with the historic buildings and hypogeums of the Città Vecchia.

Bordered by the Ionian Sea, you can also enjoy the beaches and go out to sea to watch the dolphins. In Città Vecchia, in Borgo Nuovo, in the south of Taranto or on the outskirts, find the ideal place to stay with this selection of the best areas to stay in Taranto!

The old town – Città Vecchia

La vieille ville – Città Vecchia

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If you want to visit the city, the historic heart or Borgo Antico is the ideal place to stay in Taranto. Città Vecchia bears witness to Taranto’s past, from the days of Magna Graecia and the Spartans. The city’s oldest quarter can sometimes seem worn by time. But it remains the most interesting district in terms of history and architecture.

In Città Vecchia, you can wander the streets to admire the city’s emblematic monuments. See the famous Castello Sant’Angelo, the cathedral, the Girevole bridge and the Temple of Poseidon. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discover the underground Taranto and its hypogea. And if you want to relax at sea, you can embark from Città Vecchia, at the Molo Sant’Eligio, to go dolphin-watching.

This district is perfect for immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the old town. What’s more, staying here means you can explore every nook and cranny of the district, taking the occasional break at the hotel if you need to. Indeed, if you’re interested in the city’s history, you’ll have plenty to do, and you’ll certainly appreciate staying locally. There are hotels of various categories as well as Airbnb.

And when it comes to dining, Città Vecchia offers an interesting choice of restaurants and cafés.

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Borgo Nuovo

Borgo Nuovo

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Staying in the more modern Taranto (or Borgo Nuovo) allows you to stay close to the old town, while enjoying the dynamic Borgo Nuovo. In this district, you’ll be on the spot to visit Taranto’s famous national archaeological museum, MarTa.

From here, you can also see the city’s iconic Girevole bridge, which joins the Città Vecchia. Stroll along the most popular pedestrian and shopping areas, such as Via d’Aquillo and Via de Palma. And don’t forget to stroll along the Lungomare Victor Emanuel III, facing the Ionian Sea.

You’ll also find a wide choice of cafés and restaurants. And there’s plenty of opportunity for shopping. Borgo Nuovo is a good compromise if you want to stay in a slightly more modern and dynamic area, while benefiting from amenities and being close to tourist attractions.

As for accommodation, here again we have hotels of various categories, but also Airbnb and furnished apartment rentals.

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South of Taranto

Au sud de Tarente

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If you want to visit Taranto and then enjoy the beaches, you can choose accommodation south of the city. Along the coast, you’ll find a vast choice of accommodation, hotels, B&Bs, Airbnb and even campsites. Some are just a stone’s throw from the beaches, others a little more secluded.

From Taranto, the SS99 road leads down to Praia A Mare. Here you’ll find an interesting range of accommodation close to amenities. You can also go down to the southern tip, to Capo San Vito. Then head east along the coast to Lido Bruno, La Lama and Carelli. Lodging in this area allows you to visit the city of Taranto, while still being close to the beaches.

The beaches in this area are very popular. Some are natural, others are developed. By staying at Lido Bruno, San Vito, Carelli or Praia A Mare, you’ll also be close to amenities, bars, restaurants and shops. It’s a good compromise if you want to visit the city of Taranto, but also take the opportunity to spend a few days by the sea and discover the Salento coastline.

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On the eastern outskirts

Grottaglie, Province de Tarente

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Would you like to relax and explore Taranto’s surroundings? You can also find a base on the eastern outskirts of the city to discover the Salento. Accommodation on the outskirts will be more economical, and if you have a car, you’ll be able to get around easily.

The eastern/southeastern suburbs are a good compromise. You can visit Taranto, head south to the beaches, and explore the surrounding area. In particular, you can visit nearby villages such as Grottaglie, the town of ceramics. But also the Murge Tarentine region and the coast. It’s a great opportunity to admire the landscape and the local countryside.

If you want to extend your visit by a few kilometers, Francavilla Fontana, Oria and Manduria are well worth a visit. If you go as far as Manduria, you can extend your visit to the seaside at Baia di Torre Colimena and Salina dei Monaci to observe the pink flamingos.

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Four zones for four different profiles. One thing’s for sure: you know where to stay in Taranto for your next visit!

Map of hotels and accommodations – Taranto, Italy