Where to stay in Tallinn

Finding accommodation in Estonia’s capital won’t be difficult. Here are the areas to stay in Tallinn!

The capital and cultural center of Estonia, Tallinn is also the country’s most populous city, with just over 400,000 inhabitants. Situated on the north coast, on the Gulf of Finland in the Baltic Sea, Tallinn lies directly oppositeHelsinki, the Finnish capital.

Its historic center is home to a large number of medieval buildings, which coexist harmoniously with houses with pastel facades in a variety of styles (Renaissance, Baroque or Classical). Tallinn’s beauty lies in this wonderful blend of modern and medieval architecture. Another highlight of Tallinn is its vibrant nightlife.

To visit the city in the best possible conditions, it’s essential to choose the right accommodation in Tallinn. Knowing the city’s best neighborhoods and their advantages will help you decide more easily and make the right choice. After reading this article, you’ll definitely know where to stay in Tallinn!

The Old Town

Loger Tallinn, vieille ville

The Old Town is by far Tallinn’s most charming and historic district. This is where you’ll find historic monuments and the most beautiful medieval churches. It’s also where you’ll find most of the tourist attractions, such as the typical bars and restaurants that populate the narrow, cobbled streets of the medieval city. Choosing accommodation in Tallinn’s historic center means you’ll be close to the city’s entertainment and cultural attractions, without having to travel by foot or public transport. Absolute comfort!

Uus Maailm

Loger Tallinn, Uue Maailma

Photo credit: Flickr – Hans Poldoja

This district is very close to the historic center. You’ll have no trouble reaching the main historical monuments on foot or by streetcar. The advantage of this district lies in its special atmosphere. Locals consider it more open and relaxed than the historic center.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Tallinn, this is the place to be. You’re close to the center, yet avoid the tourist hustle and bustle. You’ll also enjoy a more authentic atmosphere and a different setting from that offered by the historic Old Town.


Loger Tallinn, Kalamaja

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Adam Jones

Farther from the historic center than Uus Maailm, the Kalamaja district is home to the majority of students. This lively district never sleeps, and you’ll always find excellent bars and restaurants open in the evening. During the day, the district is also full of attractions, such as the disused prison-fortress, the Estonian submarine from the 1930s and the Russian flea market. If you’re looking for a vibrant, lively place to stay in Tallinn, Kalamaja is the place for you.


Loger Tallinn, Pirita

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Dmitry G

Pirita is the place to stay in Tallinn in summer. Its remoteness is offset by its proximity to the sea. It’s the perfect place for a stroll on the beach or a swim in the Baltic Sea! The old Pirita monastery is also a nice place to visit in this charming district of Tallinn.

Rocca al Mare

Loger Tallinn, Rocca al Mare

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Zairon

Rocca al Mare is the city’s greenest district. Staying in Tallinn in this peaceful district will allow you to experience Estonian village life without leaving the capital! There are plenty of parks to stroll around or relax in, as well as Tallinn Zoo and the Open Air Museum – one of the city’s most extraordinary museums. If you’re wondering where to stay in Tallinn to experience local life, now you know: Rocca al Mare is a veritable village within the city – the perfect place for an unspoilt local ambience.

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