Where to stay in Taiwan?

Loger à Taïwan

Planning to visit the beautiful island of Taiwan? Then discover the best places to stay in Taiwan for a complete adventure!

Known thanks to the famous « Made in Taiwan », this island is not just a supplier of microchips and high-tech objects, it is above all a destination with magnificent landscapes and a magnificently preserved heritage. Nicknamed « Isla Formosa » « The Beautiful Island » by the Portuguese, this rebellious island, in open confrontation with neighboring China, is a perfect blend of modernity, tradition and lush nature. While the capital Taipei is the epitome of a high-tech megalopolis, Taiwan is 70% covered in vegetation and is criss-crossed by one of the highest mountain ranges in East Asia. Its highly urbanized western part contrasts with the wilder eastern part, with cliffs in the northeast and sandy beaches in the south, for a coastline of almost 1,500 kilometers!

So if you want to enjoy an enchanting stay, where can you stay in Taiwan? To help you prepare for your trip, we’ve listed the must-visit cities for accommodation in Taiwan! This will give you all the information you need to choose your accommodation in Taiwan, which will mark your journey on this island far from the usual tourist trails.


Logerà Taipei

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is your point of entry to this amazing island. This ultra-modern city is the perfect place to stay when you arrive in Taiwan.

Start your Taiwanese adventure with a visit to Taipei 101, the world’s second-tallest tower, followed by the superb Longshan Temple, built in 1738 under the Qing dynasty, or the National Palace Museum and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial. Take the opportunity to visit a night market, such as the Shilin Night Market, one of the most popular.

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Xincheng / Hualien

Loger à Hualien, Taiwan

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After modernity, towards nature! Xincheng and Hualien are two excellent places to stay in Taiwan.

From one of them, or even from Taipei, you can explore the Taroko Gorge, one of the island’s most incredible natural sites! A path carved out of the rock allows you to admire cliffside temples, superb waterfalls and other magnificent landscapes.

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Taitung / Dulan

Dulan, Taïwan

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Along the east coast, the town of Taitung is a charming place to stay in Taiwan. Neighboring Taitung, Dulan is a dream location for surfers, nature lovers, quiet beaches or those wishing to learn more about the island’s aboriginal culture.

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Green Island

Your stay in Dulan can also be an opportunity to exploreGreen Island, opposite Taitung. This island is a superb place to stay in Taiwan. On the program: hiking, magical landscapes, heavenly beaches, snorkeling, hot springs. It’s got it all!

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Kenting, Taïwan

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From your Taiwan accommodation in the charming town of Kenting at the southern tip of the island, you can enjoy a day of swimming and relaxing in a dream setting, or discover its superb National Park, or Cape Eluanbi and its lighthouse, which offers a magnificent panorama! The island’s pleasant climate is complemented by a picturesque setting, with numerous fishing villages dotting the coastline.

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Kaohsiung Buddha, Taiwan

Kaohsiung, the country’s second largest city, should be on your itinerary. It’s a charming place to stay in Taiwan. On your itinerary, you’ll discover the Confucius Temple, Lotus Lake and, above all, the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple, the largest in the country and home to 100 Buddha statues!

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On your way to Taipei or Kaohsiung, the beautiful city of Tainan is a must!

Taiwan is a superb place to stay, with many charming monuments to discover: a second Temple of Confucius, the Chihkan Towers or Fort Zeelandia, a remnant of the Dutch presence on the island. We also recommend exploring the ancient alleyways and sampling the succulent, inexpensive local cuisine – just like everywhere else in Taiwan!

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Sun Moon Lake

It’s impossible not to stop off at Sun Moon Lake! From your Taiwan accommodation in nearby Taichung, for example, you can take the bus to this enchanting spot on the Belle Île and spend a night or two around the lake. Walks, temples and contemplation await you on the shores of this Sun and Moon Lake. Admire it from the mountains, between visits to the Wen Wu temple and the Tsen pagoda.

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