Where to stay in Taipei

Où dormir à Taipei ?

Travel to the other side of the world on the island of Formosa? Find out where to stay in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital!

Contrary to popular belief, Taiwan has autonomous institutions and is not a satellite of China: it is an independent and free country, but one that is claimed by Beijing. If you go to Taipei, you’ll be struck by the disconcerting tranquillity of the streets and the hospitality of the Taiwanese people. With a population of 2,618,772 and an urban area of 6.8 million, Taipei is nonetheless noisy and polluted. It’s very easy to find accommodation in Taipei, but prices are high.

The city is divided into 12 districts, but we recommend targeting the central areas to avoid wasting time on the subway (MRT). This is because the suburbs (New Taipei City) are sprawling and far from the city center. Here’s our guide to where to stay in Taipei.

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Wan Hua

Wan Hua, loger à Taipei

Photo credit: Flickr – YELLOW Mao

Wan-Hua – formerly Bangka – is Taipei’s oldest district. It’s home to the Lungshan Temple and the city’s most picturesque street. Along Lane 173, you’ll find the « Bopiliao Historic Block », a shopping street dating back to the Qing dynasty (1683-1895). Here, you can wander between tradition and modernity, with the atmosphere changing around every corner. In Ximending, for example, the modernity and counter-culture of Taiwan’s youth can be felt: bars, karaoke bars, shopping malls, restaurants, boutiques and theaters are all areas dedicated to entertainment and the craziness of Asian culture.

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Daan, loger à Taipei

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Located in the heart of the city, the Daan district adjoins the National History Museum, the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial. An unquantifiable plethora of stores line the streets of this central district: clothing stores and department stores, a stop at Daan Forest Park is almost obligatory when you’re radiating out into the area. In the background, you won’t want to miss the Taipei 101 Tower, a majestic 508-metre-high building. Daan is the ideal place to stay in Taipei, as it offers a central location for visiting the city.

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Xinyi, loger à Taipei

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An outlying district to the east of Taipei, Xinyi offers the advantage of being much quieter and residential, and marks the starting point for many hikes to Elephant Mountain – Xiangshan in Mandarin Pinyin – from the subway station of the same name. This is the district where we lived during our stay, and we can only recommend it as a good place to stay in Taipei. Enjoy the Songshan night market, climb to the top of the Taipei 101 Tower. Here again, countless restaurants and the night market – an institution made in Taiwan – are there to delight you (don’t miss the Raohe Night market). Another must-see in the area is Wufenpu, a maze of streets dedicated to the clothing trade if you like shopping!

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Zhongshan, loger à Taipei

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This district is lively, bustling, noisy in places, effervescent and very central. It’s the perfect place to stay in Taipei, with everything you need to make the most of your stay: temple marathons, culinary paradises – including dumplings and ravioli (jiaozis and xiao long bao) – numerous parks and countless stores. Accommodation in Zhongshan also offers the advantage of being close to Taipei Main Station, if you have a train to catch. We also recommend heading out of town (MRT red line) towards Tamsui, for a quiet stroll along the seafront (the Tamsui lighthouse and harbour are a must-see!).

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