Where to stay in Sfax

Où dormir à Sfax ?

Planning a trip to Sfax, Tunisia’s « capital of the south », this summer? Here’s our guide to where to stay in Sfax!

Bordered to the east by the Mediterranean Sea and opening onto the Gulf of Gabès, Sfax is a port city in eastern Tunisia. The city plays a major economic role for the country, thanks to its exports of olive oil and fish. The financial center of North Africa, it is also a major tourist destination. With 272,801 inhabitants and nearly 600,000 people in the entire urban area, Sfax has a concentric topography converging on its historic city center, and an extensive surface area of 220 km². Apartment accommodation in Sfax can be complicated, but villas, hotels and homestays are available. The average cost of a villa is 1,500 Tunisian dinars, or €505 per month, which means that accommodation in Sfax is very affordable.

From the Medina to the Port of Sfax, from Pic Ville to Zitouna or Cité des Martyrs or Cité Jardin, the city’s neighborhoods and districts have a different atmosphere from one to the next. Here’s our selection of places to stay in Sfax.

The Medina of Sfax

Médina, loger à Sfax

Photo credit: Flickr – Dennis Jarvis

One of the few medieval towns in North Africa to have preserved its authentic soul without being subjected to urban modernization projects, it is the city’s historic quarter. It forms a quadrilateral measuring 600 by 400 meters, encircled by crenellated ashlar and rubble stone ramparts. Here you’ll find several mosques, including the Grand Mosque, and countless souvenir stores: a dozen souks selling carpets, leather, jewelry, clothes – unfortunately imported – trinkets, fez, woollen weavings and traditional garments, oriental musical instruments, hookahs and more. indulge in the art of haggling!

It’s the dynamic commercial center of the old town, where the crafts of yesteryear are still alive and well. In the Medina, cafés, restaurants and hotels abound. Take a stroll and admire Sfax’s national heritage: the great mosque, the ramparts and the minarets. Staying in the Medina means enjoying a timeless trip to Sfax.

Bab Jebli

Bab Jebli, loger à Sfax

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Archimouda

North of La Médina, Bab Jebli is an ideal area to spend a night or two in Sfax if you’re planning to take a bus to other towns in Tunisia. The area is central, with two bus terminals (12 and 7). A strategic position for planning an excursion to the ancient ruins of Thyna, a few kilometers south of Sfax. You can also stop off at the large fish and seafood market in the center of the district, to sample the local produce. The Jardin de la Mère et de l’Enfant (Mother and Child Garden) offers shelter on hot summer days.

Bab Diwan (Bab El Bhar)

Bab Diwan, loger à Sfax

Photo credit: Flickr – upyernoz

Situated right next to the Port of Sfax, this coastal district is a prime tourist area: it includes the Place de la Victoire – formerly the Porte de France during the French protectorate – a famous triumphal arch adjacent to the medina, and featured in every souvenir photo taken during a trip to Tunisia.