Where to stay in Sardinia?

Où dormir en Sardaigne ?

Are you heading off to Sardinia for the vacations and can’t wait? We understand. Find out with us where to stay in Sardinia!

The second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy. Finding accommodation in Sardinia will be easy, but knowing where to sleep in Sardinia is the most complicated part. This majestic island of 24,090 km² – 2.6 times the size of the Landes department (40) – is home to 1,649,412 inhabitants and boasts a breathtaking historical and cultural heritage.

Sardinia’s rocks are among the oldest in Europe, making it a remarkable geological site. What’s more, its ideal Mediterranean climate and relative freedom from mass tourism – the hordes of visitors rushing to Corsica or Sicily – make Sardinia an ideal, affordable destination for your vacation: age-old culture, crystal-clear waters, heavenly beaches and coves, splendid mountains, picturesque hinterland and lively coastline guaranteed. Here’s our selection of places to stay on the Sardinian island.

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The north

Où loger dans le nord de la Sardaigne ?

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The gateway from Corsica to northern Sardinia, Santa Teresa Gallura sets the tone: between the coastline, small, quiet rural villages, the town of Olbia and the calm waters along the coast, lies a paradise for the most affluent tourists. The « Costa Smeralda » is very chic indeed, and for good reason: the beaches are magnificent, and the Maddalena, a small archipelago off Palau, is one of the island’s must-sees. It’s also one of the island’s most popular tourist areas, so beware: finding accommodation in the north of the island can be expensive.

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The northwest coast

Alghero, loger en Sardaigne

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The largest city in the area is Sassari, with over 130,000 inhabitants. This makes it an excellent base for staying in Sardinia and exploring the northwest coast, including the town of Alghero. Alghero is one of the region’s major tourist centers, and for good reason: it has been a city with a strong Catalan presence since the 14th century, and Catalan has been recognized as an official language by Italy since 1997. Admire the sun crashing into the sea at dusk, and superb views of the coast at Capo Caccia. For the ultimate in idleness and relaxation, head for the Asinara Natural Park, Pelosa beach or Saline beach, on the way down to Porto Torres. If you choose to stay here, don’t miss the Porto Conte Regional Nature Park.

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The east coast

Cala Gonone, port

This sparsely populated region will appeal to you if you don’t like overcrowded areas overrun by tourists. But the area can be a little lacking in liveliness. You can find beautiful deserted beaches with fine sand and turquoise waters, such as Cala Gonone, visit ghost villages, take long hikes along winding ridges and snorkel in coves. Accommodation in eastern Sardinia is quite affordable.

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The southern part

Cagliari, loger en Sardaigne

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With Cagliari, Sardinia’s southern coast is more dynamic. 154,411 inhabitants live in Cagliari, and it’s easy to see why: between culture and the urban environment, you’ll also find natural settings, festive spots for night owls and quieter, family-friendly areas. In the surrounding area, along the Costa del Sud – from Pula to Teulada – the beauty of Sardinia is revealed in all its splendor: arid mountains tumbling into the sea, ancient ruins and sumptuous landscapes: not to be missed by anyone staying in Cagliari. The cost of accommodation in the south of Sardinia can be high in summer, as this part of the island is more chic and crowded.

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In the center to try agritourism

Agritourisme, loger en Sardaigne

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Whether you want to get closer to the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi or enjoy Sardinia’s nature, you can tryAgritourismo, which consists of sleeping on a farm with locals. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture, sleep with local people, participate in local development and eat locally.

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If the hotel or resort accommodation on offer is too expensive or stuffy, you can always turn to renting vacation homes in Sardinia, via sites like Airbnb in particular.

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