Where to stay in Santa Cruz de la Sierra?

Heading off for a few days’ vacation in Bolivia? Don’t miss the country’s largest city and discover the best areas to stay in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz, better known as Santa Cruz de la Sierra, is one of the essential stops on your trip to Bolivia. With almost 1.7 million inhabitants, it is the country’s largest city. Located 1 hour’s flight east of La Paz, in central Bolivia, Santa Cruz is renowned for its dynamism and culture. Many say it’s the « other Bolivia », on the border between the Amazon and the Andes, l’Orientale. The city has developed thanks to its gas and oil deposits, which have made it its main source of wealth. Today, Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a modern city with many assets that appeal to all who discover it.

Boasting lush vegetation and incredible landscapes, Santa Cruz de la Sierra is also renowned for its many monuments, colorful houses and tropical climate. In fact, unlike the rest of the country, Santa Cruz’s temperature hovers around 35 degrees. The city is divided into 9 districts. If you look at a map of the city, you’ll see that its architecture is circular, giving it a Parisian air.

Ready to discover this Bolivian gem? Here’s our guide to the best places to stay in Santa Cruz.

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The historic center

Place du 24 septembre, Santa Cruz, Bolivie

Photo credit: Flickr – Dan Lundberg

Accommodation in Santa Cruz’s historic city center means you can visit the main places of interest on foot. Many hotels and youth hostels offer comfortable accommodation at very affordable rates.

All visits start from the Piazza del 24 Septembre. Here you’ll find the Metropolitan Cathedral, known as the Basilica de San Lorenzo, whose summit offers a breathtaking view of the city. Inside, you’ll be amazed by the attention to detail, from the magnificent woodwork to the altar. Nearby, be sure to visit the churches of San Andrès and San Roque.

Finally, as night falls, we recommend you try out at least one of the bars in the city center. This is where you’ll get up close and personal with the culture of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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Avenue Irala

Where can you sleep in Santa Cruz without getting caught up in the downtown madness? Head forAvenue Irala, south of the city center.

The district is home to the famous Noel Kempff Mercado Natural History Museum. Fossils, insects and mammals show just how rich and diverse Santa Cruz de la Sierra’s flora and fauna are. You’re also just a few minutes away from the Parc Urbano, the area’s little green bower.

If you choose accommodation close to Avenue Irala, you’ll be a little quieter than in the city center.

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Monseñor Rivero

Statue Monseñor Rivero, Santa Cruz

Photo credit: Flickr – AriomPardo

Located to the north of the city center, this is one of Santa Cruz de la Sierra’s main avenues:Monseñor Rivero Avenue.

With its many restaurants, bars and stores, it is frequented throughout the day by hundreds of visitors and locals alike. Finding accommodation in Santa Cruz near Monseñor Rivero Avenue will also give you direct access to theairport: thanks to its central shape, the avenue leads directly to the various terminals. This important thoroughfare is also a hotbed of discotheques, perfect for those who like to go out at night and on weekends. Finally, staying in Santa Cruz, in this northern sector of the historic center, means you’re just a few minutes from the city’s famous zoo.

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