Where to stay in San Antonio

Not sure where to stay in San Antonio? Here are the best neighborhoods to stay in San Antonio, also known as the « Little Venice of Texas »!

If you set out to discover Texas, be prepared to admire splendid panoramas made up of magnificent deserts, amazing mountains, vast prairies and beautiful beaches, not to mention huge metropolises like San Antonio.

Located in the southern part of the state, San Antonio has a population of over 1.3 million, making it the seventh largest city in the country and the second largest in Texas. San Antonio is still home to many U.S. Army facilities. And if the city is visited by 20 million people every year, it’s not for nothing! The Fort Alamo and the Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum, Texas’ first museum of modern art, are tourist attractions not to be missed. One thing’s for sure: this city, rich in history and culture, will blow your mind.

But first of all, you need to find the perfect place to stay. Here you’ll find the best places and neighborhoods to stay in San Antonio!

Downtown San Antonio

If you’re looking for accommodation in San Antonio, we highly recommend Downtown.

It’s the urban center of the city and metropolis, and therefore close to the main attractions the city has to offer: the Alamo Fort, the Riverwalk,Alamo Plaza, home to one of the city’s five Spanish colonial missions, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Alamo, the 228-meter Tower of the Americas or the Rivercenter shopping mall, which features no fewer than 100 stores, 21 restaurants, three cinemas and a comedy club.

It’s easy to get around Dowtown on foot, so staying here will be a pleasure. The downtown hotel scene is full of options to make your stay comfortable and convenient, so look no further for a place to stay in San Antonio.

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Alamo Heights

Still wondering where to stay in San Antonio? Located just three kilometers north of Downtown, the Alamo Heights neighborhood is a good alternative for lodging in San Antonio if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the center, while remaining close to the main attractions.

You’re sure to fall in love with its tree-lined streets and small cottages. Located along the main Broadway stretch, Alamo Heights is home to colorful boutiques, upscale restaurants and family-friendly attractions, including Mahncke and Brackenridge Parks, the Witte Museum, Botanical Gardens, Zoo, Country Club and Japanese Tea Gardens.

Here you’ll find intimate San Antonio accommodation in classic, historic bed-and-breakfast homes.

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Southtown and King William

King William

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Looking for accommodation in San Antonio? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in a traditional Victorian house for a true bed and breakfast experience in King William.

Filled with history and charm, this district is brimming with micro-distilleries, parks and amazing artistic spaces. Just like in Southtown, the arts district, where you’ll enjoy exploring the bars, cafés, boutiques, museums and art galleries that make it up.

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These 3 neighborhoods are the best places to stay in San Antonio! There are other neighborhoods, like the Northeast, the Northwest Side and the Westside, that are nice to explore but less convenient for lodging in San Antonio.

So you’re still looking for a place to stay in San Antonio?