Where to stay in Port Louis

Loger à Port Louis, Île Maurice

Planning a trip to Mauritius? Then discover the best places to stay in Port Louis!

Located on the island of Mauritius, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Port Louis is the island’s capital, main port and largest city. Originally named Port Nord-Ouest by the Dutch, it was renamed Port-Louis in honor of King Louis XV after the French seized it. In August 1806, it was renamed Port-Napoléon, a name it retained until the arrival of the British in Mauritius in 1810. Subsequently, it became the point of entry for numerous Indian, Chinese, African and European immigrants, making it a very cosmopolitan city today.

Port Louis is home to numerous monuments, some of which are even listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites, such as the Aapravasi Ghat Museum and the remains of the Indian immigrant settlement. Visiting Port Louis – on a guided tour, for example – will give you the opportunity to discover the fabulous historical heritage of the capital of Mauritius, strongly marked by the French presence: the Citadelle, Saint-Louis Cathedral, the Masjid Al-Aqsa mosque on the Plaine Verte, built in 1805 when the island was French. There are also many museums, including the Musée de Port-Louis, one of the oldest in Africa!

So where to stay in Port Louis to enjoy a pleasant stay? To help you plan your trip to Mauritius, we’ve put together a list of the best places to stay in Port Louis. You’ll have all the information you need to choose the best accommodation in Port Louis!

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The City Center

The City Center is the perfect place to stay in Port Louis and discover the city with ease! It encompasses two areas of particular interest to travelers.

The Caudan Waterfront, a peninsula facing the harbor, will keep you busy day and night. In addition to its waterfront views, this little district is home to numerous stores, cafés and restaurants, which are a delight both during the day and at night! It’s also home to the famous Blue Penny Museum, which will delight history buffs, as well as a well-known craft market: the CraftMarket du Caudan!

On Place d’Armes, the centerpiece of the City Center, you can admire the statue of François Mahé de Labourdonnais, the city’s founder, as well as the royal palms and cannons that bear witness to this rich colonial heritage.

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Further northeast, still close to City Center, you can discover Chinatown from your Port Louis accommodation. This lively neighborhood is the perfect place to stay in Port Louis.

Here, you can discover new flavors and go shopping. Indeed, this Chinatown district is just a stone’s throw from the central market, or Port Louis bazaar – one of the most emblematic attractions of this cosmopolitan city! This market is a veritable rallying point for Mauritians. Delicious food, clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs await you in this colorful and lively place. By choosing your Port Louis accommodation in the lively Chinatown district, you’ll have easier access to this market, without having to tackle the roadways that separate the City Center from it!

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Champs de Mars

Still not sure where to stay in Port Louis? The area around the Champs de Mars, next to the City Center, is perfect for you! Several hotels have taken up residence around this famous racecourse, the second oldest in the world. In addition to being just a stone’s throw from the city center, you can also easily get to Fort Adelaide. Better known as the Citadel, this fortress offers a pleasant setting and sublime views of the city, waterfront and surrounding mountains! The beautiful Saint James Cathedral is also in the neighborhood, and you can admire it every time you drive into the city center.

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