Where to stay in Port Elizabeth

Are you passing through the « Windy City » on your trip to South Africa and wondering where to stay in Port Elizabeth? Here’s a list of the best neighborhoods to choose for your accommodation in Port Elizabeth.

As its name suggests, Port Elizabeth is a port city with a population of 320,000, located 750 km east of Cape Town, and marks the end of the Garden Road, a coastal route prized by tourists for its pristine beaches and scenery. Particularly appreciated for its friendly atmosphere, Port Elizabeth is nicknamed « the city of friendship ».

Port Elizabeth is a city with a rather dark past before and during Apartheid. Today, it is known for its international port, which has contributed to its economic development. It is above all an industrial city, considered a hub for the wool, gold and mohair trade. Also nicknamed « The Windy City », it’s a popular place to try surfing and other board sports. Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Port Elizabeth serves as a seaside resort for some South Africans, thanks to its renowned beaches.

But do you know where to sleep in Port Elizabeth during your stay? We’ll tell you!

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The historical center

If you’re wondering where to stay in Port Elizabeth, the historic city center looks like the ideal place to stay. On the map, it’s surrounded by the harbor, North End and Walmer.

Through its architecture and museums, which you can discover on a city tour, you’ll learn more about the country’s history. Strolling through its streets will also allow you to discover the city’s atmosphere and rub shoulders with the local population. It’s also the ideal location for getting to theairport, as it’s right next to the city center.

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On the outskirts of the city

Many accommodations in Port Elizabeth are located on the outskirts of the city center on rental sites like Airbnb. Indeed, this is often an opportunity to get away from city life for a while and stay in a more authentic location, such as a typical African lodge or by the sea, particularly in Jeffreys Bay. If you have your own car, this will enable you to visit the surrounding area of Port Elizabeth, which is sometimes more interesting than the city itself. So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Port Elizabeth, don’t hesitate to explore the surrounding area.

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In a national park

Addo Elephant Park, Port Elizabeth

Photo credit: Flickr – Pe_Wu

For many, a trip to South Africa is an opportunity to discover wildlife. And that’s just as well, because the Garden Road’s appeal also lies in its nearby national parks.

These include the famous Addo Elephant Park. So if you’re coming to the Port Elizabeth area for a safari, you’ll be able to stay directly in the national park you’re visiting.

No need for accommodation in Port Elizabeth! Whether inside the park or just a few kilometers from its entrance, you’ll find a wide range of accommodation on offer, from simple campsites to luxury hotels. At the end of your stay, you’ll be able to head straight back to the airport in just one day.

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Port Elizabeth is often decried by visitors. Because of its large industrial port, its coastline loses much of its charm, and the city center is quickly overrun. It would therefore seem that the best way to stay in Port Elizabeth is to get away from the city and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the surrounding region.