Where to stay in Phoenix?

Loger à Phoenix

Visiting the USA and planning a visit to Arizona? Here are the places to stay in Phoenix during your stay!

Phoenix, capital of Arizona in the United States, is an American city unlike any other. With a population of 1.62 million (2016), it is the sixth largest city in the country, and 40% of its inhabitants are Spanish-speaking, due to its geographical proximity to Mexico. Surrounded by the McDowell Mountains, South Mountain Park, White Tank Mountains and Superstition Mountains, the city is at the heart of the Sonoran Desert, a vast 320,000 km² desert straddling California, Arizona and the Mexican state of Baja-California. Its hot desert climate makes it one of the world’s hottest capitals, characterized by long, torrid summers and short, mild winters: there are more than 92 days a year when the mercury rises above 38°C on average, and the temperature exceeds 43°C on 18 days a year!

Phoenix attracts visitors with its thriving economy and lively social atmosphere: the population is young, dynamic, festive and artistic. Are you looking for a place to stay in Phoenix to be at the heart of all the excitement between the English-speaking world and Latin and Mexican culture? This is the place to stay in Phoenix!


Downtown, Phoenix

Photo credit: Flickr – Michael Ruiz

Also known as Copper Square, Downtown is the city’s CBD (Central Business District). Here you’ll find theArizona Science Center, the Phoenix History Museum, the Art Museum and the Burton Barr Central Library.

The central district is very small for a major American metropolis, and can therefore be visited on foot. This is the place to stay in Phoenix if you like to be at the heart of social and cultural activity: art galleries mingle with microbreweries and cocktail bars, cafés galore amidst pizzerias, cinemas and theaters and concert halls. Did you have the cliché of a Wild West town populated by ignorant, beer-drinking cowboys? Here, we’re beer-drinking but cultured! Last but not least, there are countless art galleries scattered throughout the city’s downtown blocks. As usual, this is also where you’ll find the majority of hotels in Phoenix.

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Roosevelt Row

This neighborhood, located northwest of downtown, has little surprises around every corner. Just a few blocks fromArizona State University, it attracts a very young and student population. Most of the streets are open-air art exhibitions. A must-see if you like street art! Every Friday, street vendors gather around a concept: Food Truck Fridays, a gathering of food-trucks where the Phoenix market used to be. Ideal if you’re feeling peckish.

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Camelback East

Camelback East is Phoenix’s urban village, located northwest of Downtown and home to the city’s upscale neighborhoods.

The areas are home to golf clubs, stately homes and extensive landscaping: the neighborhood is built on former citrus groves. Shopping malls around Camelback Center and the Biltmore area for luxury shopping will satisfy those on a budget. It’s a chic area to stay in Phoenix, but also ideal for hiking the trails of the Phoenix Mountain Reserve : the Cholla Trail, a 3.2-kilometer stroll offering exceptional panoramic views of the city. Beware, however, that some sections are steep and temperatures can be extreme. So it’s best to go early in the day, as it can be 30°C by dawn!

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