Where to stay in Osaka

Are you going to Japan on vacation? The Japanese archipelago is full of wonders, including the city of Osaka: find out where to stay in Osaka!

Japan’s third largest city, Osaka – a sprawling city of 2.663 million inhabitants – is often shunned by tourists in favor of Tokyo, the capital, or Kyoto. Yet this megalopolis, rich in contrasts, is often said to be more popular than Tokyo, livelier, more artistic and cultural, and also more welcoming. Finding a place to stay in Osaka, like anywhere else in Japan, can be expensive. Of course, it’s best if you have local acquaintances to put you up. But you don’t get to choose your own neighborhood to sleep in, and if you don’t have one, we’ll tell you everything you need to know!


Minami, loger à Osaka

Photo credit: Flickr – Chris Guy

Located close to the city center and the Dotonbori canal, this district is very easy to access, as it’s close to Namba station and just a stone’s throw from Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT). It’s one of the city’s major activity centers. Minami is effervescent, energetic, lively day and night, brightly lit, and dotted with many attractions. There are plenty of restaurants open 24 hours a day if you’re feeling peckish, and countless stores line the main street.

Dotonbori Street is undoubtedly a night-time destination, to experience the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. It’s Osaka’s must-see street, but be warned: it’s also very popular with tourists. Unique scenery found only in Osaka – not even in Tokyo or Kyoto -: a myriad of neon lights and illuminated signs, including the « Kani Doraku » (red crab), similar to Sydney’s Kings Cross district. A great place to stay in Osaka if you want to party in a vibrant area all night long and see some activity during the day.

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Shinsaibashi, loger à Osaka

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This is Osaka’s shopping aorta, the city’s commercial artery. A 600-metre-long boulevard of stores that will thrill you if you’ve got an easy credit card! Here you’ll find 24-hour illuminated department stores, fashion and design boutiques. Expect to trample rather than walk: the shopping street is so crowded during the day that it’s packed to the rafters. If you love shopping, this is the place to book your rental (apartment or hotel).

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Amerikamura, loger à Osaka

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This is Osaka’s young and trendy district. Osaka’s bohemian district has been long awaited, and here it is: young people with a bohemian or even scruffy look, crazy or more chic, there’s something for every taste and every style of dress. Numerous small cafés are tucked away in the alleyways, alongside clothes stores, design boutiques and small bars. If you’re young and attracted to lively areas, Amerikamura is the place to stay in Osaka.

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Namba, loger à Osaka

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Another lively district in downtown Osaka, Nanba is one of Osaka’s largest – and busiest – neighborhoods, straddling the Chūō-ku and Naniwa-ku districts. This lively district is home to countless stores – clothing, video games, electronics, souvenir stores and more. – are side by side with the myriad Japanese restaurants and department stores. Don’t miss the Hozenji Yokocho alley if you love typical Japanese streets, a timeless showcase of tradition as we love them in Japan. There are some sixty restaurants – and that’s not all! – and the Hozenji temple to visit.

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Umeda, loger à Osaka

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In the north of the city, Umeda – in the Kita district – is considered one of the city’s liveliest districts. Skyscrapers, luxury hotels, shopping malls and Osaka railway station are all part of this lively district. If you go there, you’ll find long, endless shopping arcades, your temple to shopping in Osaka. If you’re planning to visit other cities on the island of Honshu, or hop on board the Shinkansen, this district has the advantage of being close to Osaka station: an asset when it comes to finding accommodation in Osaka!

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