Where to stay in Nuremberg

Finding accommodation in Nuremberg isn’t complicated. Discover the best places to stay in this magnificent medieval city!

Bavaria’s second-largest city after Munich, Nuremberg is a picturesque medieval town with an undeniable charm despite its modernity. This German city has a population of 515,000, spread over 186 km². It is one of Germany’s major cultural metropolises, thanks to its technological excellence, charm and preserved heritage.

Known for hosting the famous Nuremberg Trials after the Second World War, its historic center was almost entirely destroyed by Allied bombing raids. The narrow streets of the Old Town bear witness both to the reconstruction effort undertaken and to the bombing raids that ravaged them. The city’s main points of interest include Nuremberg Castle, a royal and imperial residence for almost five centuries, St. Sebald’s Church and the city fortifications with their 67 towers, virtually intact.

When visiting Nuremberg, it’s important to choose the right accommodation and location. The city is vast, and being as close as possible to the monuments and museums can be very interesting, and less tiring! That’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best places to stay in Nuremberg.

Mitte: the historic city center

Le Mitte, Nuremberg

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Hubertl

Not sure where to stay in Nuremberg? There’s no better place to stay than within the city walls! Mitte is Nuremberg’s Old Town, located in the center of the city. This is where you’ll find the most famous historical monuments.

There are two options for accommodation in Nuremberg:

– North of the Pegnitz, where you’ll find the Imperial Castle and St. Sebald’s Church.

– Book accommodation in Nuremberg south of the river, where you’ll find the Ehekarussell and St. Lorenz Church.

The whole district, whether to the south or north, is easily reached on foot. That’s the advantage of Mitte: you don’t need to take public transport to get around. What’s more, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in Nuremberg.

The Himpfelshof and Gostenhof districts

Quartier Himpfelshof, Nuremberg

Photo credit: Flickr – Sergei Gussev

Adjacent to each other, these two districts are located to the southwest of the Old Town. If you’re looking for inexpensive accommodation in Nuremberg, these are the perfect places to stay. Prices are on average lower than in neighboring Mitte. Plus: you can easily reach the monuments and charming streets of the Old Town on foot. You also avoid the hustle and bustle of the city center at night.

Finally, from the Himpfelshof district, you can reach the banks of the Pegnitz, where there are a number of pleasant green spaces for a stroll or a rest!

Tafelhof: Nuremberg’s accommodation district near the railway station

Quartier Tafelhof, Nuremberg

Photo credit: tafelhofpalais

If you’re arriving by train, we recommend you choose Nuremberg accommodation in this district. It’s just south of Mitte and east of the main railway station (booking your accommodation next to the station means you won’t have to carry your belongings across town on foot). Prices, meanwhile, are on average lower than in Mitte, as in the two districts above. And getting to the Old Town couldn’t be easier: you can walk to any of Nuremberg’s many sights and attractions!


Close to the train station, just southwest of the Marienvorstadt, this district has undeniable charm, with its Art Villa and huge riverside park. Just a stone’s throw from the historic center and its cultural, historical and nightlife attractions, it’s an excellent place to stay in Nuremberg.

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