Where to stay in Nottingham?

Loger à Nottingham

Are you planning to visit the Midlands in England? Then discover the best areas to stay in Nottingham, the city of English culture!

Located in the east of England’s Midlands, the city of Nottingham is one of the few major industrial cities in Britain with a rich medieval and pre-industrial past. Known for its Robin Hood legend, Nottingham is a member of the English Core Cities Group. The city is regarded as one of England’s major cultural, sporting and industrial centers: it was named « City of Literature » by UNESCO, joining cities such as Dublin, Prague and Edinburgh, and « Home of English Sport » in 2015.

Despite its long history, this major industrial city in the English Midlands is not as sparsely populated as you might think. It has 321,500 inhabitants and 915,000 in its urban area, putting it in 7th place in the UK. A visit to Nottingham will immerse you in a vibrant yet calm city, constantly on the move yet ancient in its history and heritage. So where can you stay in Nottingham and enjoy an enriching and fabulous experience?

Because choosing the right accommodation in Nottingham is essential for a delightful stay, we’ve put together a list of the best areas to stay in Nottingham, one of England’s cultural and heritage centers.

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The Park

The Park Estate, Nottingham

Photo credit: Flickr – Addy Clarke

For a quiet atmosphere and picturesque setting, The Park is one of the best places to stay in Nottingham. Located in the city center, this residential area is home to many old buildings, houses and mansions. Stroll through the neighborhood and up the hill to Nottingham Castle to admire the city’s superb heritage. Nottingham’s central location makes it easy to reach the city center and other parts of the city on foot. However, it will be more difficult than elsewhere to find accommodation in Nottingham in this area.

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Old Market Square

Old Market Square, Nottingham

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Considered the true historic city center, Old Market Square is the most central part of the city, between The Park, home to Nottingham Castle, the railway station and the Hockley and Arboterum districts. You’ll have no trouble finding Nottingham accommodation in this superb city center. There’s plenty to do in Old Market Square, too: take a stroll in nearby The Park and around the Castle, visit the Nottingham Caves or the city’s Cathedral, or shop in the many shopping centers in the city center!

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Wollaton Park, Nottingham

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To the west, Wollaton is a great place to stay in Nottingham. Its main attraction is the park of the same name. This vast park is home to one of the city’s most interesting museums: Wollaton Hall. This fantastic Natural History Museum is housed in a superb Elizabethan country house. The building alone is worth a visit. In the park, in addition to the Museum, you can also observe a herd of deer and fallow deer, as well as other wild animals. In addition, numerous musical and cultural events are held here frequently during the summer months. The area is also popular with the city’s students, and is home to a number of friendly pubs!

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Lenton, Nottingham

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Lenton is Nottingham’s excellent student district! If you like to have fun, especially after dark, then this is the perfect area for your accommodation in Nottingham. By staying here, you increase your chances of meeting young British, local and international students. What’s more, its location between The Park and Wollaton gives you easy access, by bus or on foot, to both areas and their cultural attractions, or to the city center!

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