Where to stay in Moscow

Où dormir à Moscou ?

Heading for Russia on vacation? Here’s a mini-guide to the best places to stay in Moscow, Europe’s largest city!

With over 12 million inhabitants within the city walls, 15 million in the urban area and a surface area of 2,511 km², Moscow is a sprawling city. Moscow is the economic, political and academic headquarters of the Russian Federation, and its budget is exorbitant: $52 billion. A stronghold of post-Soviet capitalism, Moscow’s transition from a planned to a market economy has resulted in major social disparities, and a portion of the population has become very wealthy. Suffice it to say that the cost of living is very high, and finding a place to stay in Moscow can be very expensive for visitors.

Indeed, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world for rent. But when you love it, you don’t count it: Moscow, the emblem of an infinitely rich history, boasts a wealth of architectural, cultural and historical assets. Here’s an overview of Moscow’s accommodation districts.

The old Arbat, the old Moscow

Arbat, loger à Moscou

Photo credit: Flickr – Syuqor7

Here, you’re immersed in the atmosphere of the old town. Arbat was once a road leading from the Kremlin to Smolensk, dating back to 1493. Over time, the area became Moscow’s most prestigious district, and today Arbat Street is known for its lively street entertainment: it’s the « Montmartre of Moscow ».

A little further south, the Kropotkinskaya district is home to many restaurants – disdained by locals as overpriced and aimed at tourists – and is considered one of the city’s most beautiful districts. This is where you’ll find most of the buildings you’ll want to visit, including Christ the Savior Cathedral, near the banks of the Moskova River. Numerous museums are unmissable in this district: art galleries, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, among others. Accommodation in this district of Moscow, where old meets new, will be very expensive, but the area is very central.

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Tverskaya and Kremlin

Tverskaya st, Moscou

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This is a great place to stay in Moscow if you like to live right in the center and enjoy all that a central location has to offer: bars, concerts, restaurants, cafés, historic buildings and shopping boutiques. There’s something for everyone. The Kremlin, Red Square, the Bolshoi Theatre, Revolution Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum are all within easy reach.

Tverskaya Street, Moscow’s main thoroughfare and an extension of Red Square, is the emblem of the district. With its wide buildings, luxury boutiques and chic clubs, it’s the most expensive shopping street in Moscow and the whole of Russia. Nevertheless, it’s a great place to stay if you like to party: Pushkin Square is a popular spot for young people, who regularly give open-air concerts.

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Kitaï-gorod, loger à Moscou

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Kitai-gorod is both the city’s cultural center and trendy district. Here, traditional architecture rubs shoulders with modern art and Soviet-era buildings. The Church of the Holy Trinity on Khokhlovsky Street, for example, dates from the 17th century, and is a business district developed in a former medieval fortification. Varvaka Street, near Zaryade Park, is the city’s oldest shopping street. Accommodation in Kitai-gorod means you can visit Moscow without spending time on public transport.

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