Where to stay in Montélimar?

Would you like to visit the southern Drôme, the « gateway to Provence »? Here’s where to stay in Montélimar!

Its northern flanks are crossed by the A7 freeway, which it bypasses: the « Porte du Soleil » heralds the Provencal Midi and is the nickname given to the commune of Montélimar. It is also known as the « Gateway to Provence »: Montélimar is located in the south-west of the Drôme département, separated from the Ardèche by the Rhône, which acts as an administrative border. The second-largest town in Drôme, Montélimar is ideally located in the Rhône Valley, 45 minutes by road from Valence and Avignon, and 1h30 from Lyon, Marseille and Montpellier. Montélimar is a tourist town in the Drôme provençale region, with a Mediterranean climate and 2,400 hours of sunshine a year. Populated since ancient times, Montélimar today has a population of 38,692 and is home to many historic monuments and cultural sites.

Looking for a place to stay in Montélimar? We’ve got you covered: here’s a quick roundup of where to stay in and around Montélimar!

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Montélimar center

Downtown is where you’ll find the densest population, most of the tourist monuments and the vibrant heart of social activity. We recommend that you target the downtown area for accommodation in Montélimar, as the city is not very large and you can do everything on foot.

If you’re visiting Montélimar as a tourist, don’t miss the Château des Adhémar – built in the 12th century by one of the richest families in the Dauphiné, and now home to a contemporary art center – the Jardin Public – a lung of greenery in the city, created in 1856, offering peace and serenity – and the Musée de la Ville de Montélimar (with numerous collections tracing history, the arts, local traditions, ethnology and crafts). As is always the case in town centers, Montélimar is home to the greatest concentration of bars, cafés and restaurants: glean the best terraces where you can sample local specialties, including honey and nougat, the town’s unmissable sweet emblem.

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800 years ago, feudal lords had a great need to watch over their fiefdoms and protect them from possible aggression from brigands and rival foreign cities. Montélimar was therefore surrounded by a large number of fortresses perched on high ground. Just a few minutes south of Montélimar is Allan, with its 12th-century castle, whose ruins have remained intact for 200 years: staying at Allan gives you a panoramic view of the Rhône valley.

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Village de Mirmande

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Here’s a village near Montélimar with an incredible historical and architectural heritage: classified as « France’s most beautiful village », Mirmande, at the foot of the mountains, is encircled by ancient fortifications that served as a defense against the Saracens. Mentioned in 1238, it was once owned by the wealthy Adhemar family. Here you’ll find several hotels where you can stay in Mirmande.

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La Garde Adhémar

Have you seen all of Montélimar? Since you’ve chosen to stay in Montélimar, head south to explore a small medieval town, owned by the Adhémar family in the 12th century, and a surprisingly well-preserved heritage: the Romanesque church of Saint-Michel, the 13th-century ramparts, the Pénitents Blancs chapel and the village’s charming stone streets.

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