Where to stay in Lviv?

Are you planning to stay or settle in Ukraine? Here’s Lviv and where to stay in Lviv!

Lviv isUkraine’ s 7th largest city and the historic center of Galicia, a former province of the Austrian Empire. Located 70 kilometers from the Polish border and 469 kilometers from Kiev, the city has 729,429 inhabitants spread over 171 km². Lviv has long been a battleground for imperial lusts, and boasts a rich historical heritage. Before the Second World War, Lviv was a major cultural and intellectual center for Poles, on a par with Krakow, Vilnius and Warsaw. Cultural and student life is another reason why a visit to Lviv is so interesting. Crossed by the Poltva River, the old town in the foothills of the High Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Lviv, you’ll find that finding accommodation is easy and inexpensive. What’s more, the accommodations are top-quality: no more soulless, gray Soviet-era slums! Here’s our overview of where to stay in Leopol (Lviv).

The old town

La Vieille Ville, Lviv, Ukraine

Photo credit: Maxpixel

The city was successively part of Poland, Austria-Hungary, Poland between the wars, annexed by the Soviet Union in 1939, occupied by the Nazis between 1941 and 1944, retaken by the Soviets and incorporated into Ukraine in 1991. As a result, the architecture of the old town can be visited like an open-air museum. You can walk through the narrow streets of the center, past churches, Rynok Square – surrounded by multicolored Renaissance and Baroque buildings – numerous museums, and most of the city’s cafés, bars and restaurants. Within the straight streets of the historic city center, you can visit St. George’s Cathedral, the Amphitrite Fountain, the Lviv Latin Cathedral, the Church of the Assumption, the Jesuit Church, the Lviv Opera House, Potocki Castle and the City Hall, from where you can climb to the top of the tower – Ratusha – for a breathtaking view of the city. Lviv offers a host of charming boutiques where you can pick up a thousand and one souvenirs, from gourmet food to handicrafts and clothing.


Lodging in Lviv other than in the city center allows you to enjoy Ukrainian-style living without the incessant flow of city dwellers coming and going in the shopping streets. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, opt for the outskirts of Lviv. For example, the Skansen district – home to the Museum of Folk Architecture and Everyday Life – is a great place to stay away from the city center, but within walking distance of it. It’s a sort of life-size reconstruction of a small village of yesteryear (wooden houses, churches, mills, stables, chicken coops, etc.).


No, it’s not the pizza district… This district, north of the city center, is home to Lviv’s High Castle and Vysoky Zamok Hill (although there is no longer a castle here, having fallen into ruin over time). There aren’t many hotels to stay in Lviv below the hill, but you can opt for homestay: or when Airbnb becomes your best friend!

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