Where to stay in Lloret de Mar?

Où dormir à Lloret de Mar ?

Will you be spending your vacations on the Costa Brava this summer? Choose the area in which to stay in Lloret de Mar!

Situated in the province of Girona in north-eastern Spain, Lloret de Mar is a tourist mecca on the Costa Brava, bathed year-round by the splendid waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Fine sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, year-round sunshine, 120 hotels and 30,000 rooms: accommodation in Lloret de Mar is child’s play! Lloret de Mar has 36,878 inhabitants (2017), but its population swells to over a million with the year-round influx of tourists.

The town attracts hundreds of thousands of young people every summer from all over Europe, who come especially to party with friends. Lloret de Mar is indeed a very festive place – much to the chagrin of the locals – with sublime landscapes to explore. Expect noise and crowded streets if you go in high season. Here’s where to stay in Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar center

Centre, loger à Lloret-de-Mar

Photo credit: Flickr – antoskabar

The majority of the city’s hotels are concentrated in the city center. So you’ll be right in the middle of the action, in a never-ending hustle and bustle, if you choose to book your Lloret de Mar hotel room here. Numerous terraces of night bars, concert stages and discotheques can keep you up until dawn with decibels that will prevent you from getting an early night’s sleep: if you’re traveling with a family and young children, this may not be the best place to visit: target the surrounding areas such as Tossa de Mar, Canyelles or Blanes instead.

On the other hand, downtown Lloret de Mar is a paradise if you’re going alone or with friends, if you’re young or single and a party-goer: in May, for example, the famous Springbreak is held, an open-air festival featuring partying, beaches, dancefloors, alcohol (and beware, drugs and pickpocketing too). In other words, hotel prices in Lloret de Mar can soar.

The Lloret de Mar area

Loger aux alentours de Lloret de Mar

Photo credit: Flickr – Fèlix González

From south to north, Lloret de Mar is surrounded by breathtaking scenery that will enhance your stay. Staying in Lloret de Mar doesn’t just mean dancing the night away on the beach. Between coves, inlets, paths, rocky outcrops, heavenly beaches and hiking in the mountains, there’s plenty to do! Staying along the coast, don’t miss the magnificent Marimurtra botanical garden in Blanes and the little coves known as « grand bain public ».

Main photo credit: Flickr – William Helsen