Where to stay in Kingston

Vue aérienne de Kingston en Jamaïque

Coming soon to the Jamaican capital? Here’s our guide to where to stay in Kingston, according to your tastes.

Jamaica’s rich cultural mix comes from the four corners of the globe. Its sandy beaches, its reggae atmosphere, its exotic vibes, its gardens of Eden. But also its rum and lobster parties, its natural scenery as varied as it is grandiose, and its sugar cane fields. And last but not least, its capital: Kingston! The birthplace of Reggae, Kingston is now the economic and governmental heart of the island. Dynamic, welcoming and artisanal, it attracts travellers of all kinds. It has to be said that Kingston really is a two-timing city, which can be anything and everything. Kingston’s two-faceted character is also reflected in its accommodation: luxury hotels can be found alongside tin houses, while business districts flirt with nostalgic slums. To make the most of your stay, where should you stay in Kingston? Find out in this article!

Port Royal: the upscale waterfront district

Pêcheurs à Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaïque

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Lieblingsbuerger

This area of Kingston (forty-five minutes from the city center) is home to the city’s historic past. It even bears witness to the entire history of Jamaica. A land of pirates and scoundrels, marine culture is king here! What’s more, you need only turn your head to catch a glimpse of archaeological treasures and relics from centuries gone by.

Although tight-knit and fiercely rooted in tradition, the local families are delighted to pass on the warmth of their island culture to all travelers who stay in the area.

Highlights include a stroll around Fort Charles, the town’s ancient fortress, and long stretches of idleness. Indeed, Port Royal reflects what we most imagine the Caribbean to be: white sandbanks, crystal-clear water and picture-postcard landscapes.

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Down Town: the historic city center

Loger à Kingston : centre-ville de Kingston un dimanche, Jamaïque

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Downtown Kingston is home to the city’s main landmarks, including City Hall, Parliament, the Grand Theatre and Market Square. It’s a great place to stay in Kingston. The facades of the buildings still have their period storefronts. All along the narrow shopping streets, the European style takes center stage. Red bricks give way to limestone sculpted into rounded shapes. Then, in just a few minutes, you’re back in the more artistic, local streets. This « melting-pot » district is pleasant and exciting, day and night.

Points of interest? Kingston Craft Market and Fleet Street. This street art nest is a showcase for Rasta music and culture.

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New Kingston: the modern face of Jamaica

Musée Bob Marley à Kingston

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This is undoubtedly the area where travelers prefer to sleep in Kingston. The hotel offer here is unquestionably the most diverse and rich. This business district is dynamic, modern and rather « sanitized ». While you won’t find the soul of underprivileged neighborhoods like Trench Town (a sort of Hollywood of Jamaica, where the island’s skinned legends were born), it’s a good place to explore the city and spend your nights in peace.

The district’s main attraction is undoubtedly the Bob Marley Museum: the global effigy of Jamaica and an entire culture.

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Constant Spring: halfway between the city and nature

Golf clun, Constant Spring, Kingston

Photo credit: Facebook – Constant Spring Golf & Country Club

This is a great place to stay in Kingston for visitors who are part city dweller, part country dweller. The backdrop on one side is the mountains, covered with lush green valleys. On the other: the city. This location allows you to enjoy the capital’s historical and cultural treasures, while staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, although the villas are modest, the houses often feature leafy pavilions.

And touches of nature are omnipresent. As evidenced by the Golf Club in the heart of this residential area.

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Bull Bay: the seaside face

Plage, Bull Bay, Jamaïque

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Surrounded by the beach, this area of Kingston is just a few kilometers from downtown. It’s a landmark for travelers looking for seaside accommodation. It’s the ideal place for a relaxing stay, with your feet stretched out on the edge of the ocean or in the shade of a palm tree under a bench. Kingston’s waterfront invites you to relax.

Bull Bay is also a favorite spot for surfers and Jamaican youth. As a result, it’s a more affordable district than Port Royal, and also more conducive to long, festive nights.

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The Blue Mountains: after the city

Blue Mountains, Jamaïque

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Our last place to stay in Kingston is reserved for nature lovers. To the east of Jamaica, the Blue Mountains rise out of dense emerald vegetation. Away from the city (two hours), this primitive forest is a magical place for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of a capital city. They can spend the night in the fresh air, surrounded by endemic flora and fauna. On the slopes of the mountains, small villages of Rasta communities line the trails. These hamlets, exploding with rainbow color, are a sight to behold. What’s more, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, there are no springs or hotels! Instead, you’ll find modest, family-run Bed and Breakfasts and Cottages.

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You now know the main places to stay in Kingston. Enjoy your stay in Jamaica!