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Planning to visit New York or relocate to New Jersey? Here’s where to stay in Jersey City!

Why stay in Jersey City, New Jersey, when you can choose to sleep in Manhattan, New York’s landmark just across the Hudson River? Bordering New York City, from which it is separated by the Hudson River, Jersey City is located in the western suburbs of New York, and has a population of 270,753 (2017). It is also the second-largest city in New Jersey. Discovered in 1609 by Henry Hudson (1565-1611), the area was settled by Lenape Native Americans, but Jersey City was founded in 1820. The city developed under the auspices of New York, enjoying economic prosperity and gradual gentrification since the renovation of some of its neighborhoods. The Goldman Sachs Tower, the city’s tallest skyscraper, is a case in point. Only 47.44% of the city’s inhabitants are English-speaking, Spanish being the second language, with 22.54% Spanish-speaking.

Looking for a place to stay in Jersey City that’s a little nicer than New York City? Here’s where to stay in Jersey City!

Historic Downtown

The « historic » district – in quotation marks, because as is often the case in the U.S., the city has only 199 years of history… – is the city’s most pleasant neighborhood. Renovated, it’s dotted with brownstones (New York brick houses), New Jersey’s newest apartments and a plethora of shops gathered around Grove Street. Around Christopher Columbus Dr. – that name rings a bell… – you’ll find most of the restaurants serving international cuisine and many bars where you can stroll in fine weather. Jersey City embodies the image of the American melting pot , with 75 different nationalities living here.

The downtown area is therefore ideal for this multicultural and interethnic American experience. Visit the historic Harsimus Cemetery, site of many battles during the Revolutionary War (1776-1781). The center is replete with buildings from the Gilded Age and the American Industrial Revolution: well-preserved warehouses, stables, mansions and brownstones .

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Jersey City, Waterfront

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The waterfront, as its name suggests, is anchored by the waters of the Hudson River. This is the place to stay if you like postcard-perfect New York City. The neighborhood offers beautiful waterfront strolls. You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the Manhattan peninsula and its famous skyscrapers.

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Journal Square

Journal Square, Jersey City

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Journal Square, north of downtown, is the economic heart of the city. It’s a lively district, with many restaurants and shopping venues around Newark Avenue.

Above all, it’s a multicultural social landscape that reveals itself to you: you’ll find the mini-neighborhood of LittleIndia, with its many flavors exhaled in the streets, andLittle Manila, where you can take a trip back to the Philippines (this country was colonized by the United States from 1898 to 1946). More than 16,000 Filipinos live in Jersey City, where you’ll find an abundance of restaurants, Filipino bakeries – anyone who has been to the Philippines can attest that Filipino bakeries are excellent – and boutiques. Don’t miss the Phil Am Food Market, one of the most popular Filipino grocery stores on the U.S. East Coast. Why stay in Journal Square? Because it’s a diverse neighborhood, and not far from downtown!

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Port Liberte

Looking for Jersey City accommodations in luxury neighborhoods? Port Liberte, south of Journal Square and downtown, is close to Liberty State Park and the Liberty National Golf Course. Liberty State Park is a green lung offering superb views of Manhattan and New York Bay, and is very popular with locals. It’s one of the most visited parks in the country, offering a much more soothing atmosphere than New York’s crowded Central Park. The 4.9 km² park was opened in 1976 to mark the bicentenary of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Ferries take you on a cruise to visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

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The Heights

The Heights, Jersey City

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Finally, where else to stay in Jersey City than downtown? Adjacent to Tonnele Avenue, The Heights district symbolizes the heights of the city. It’s a quiet, residential neighborhood overlooking the city. As a result, rents in The Heights can be higher than elsewhere in the city. You’ll find Victorian-style homes overlooking Manhattan. To punctuate the experience, there are a number of restaurants along Central Avenue.

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