Where to stay in Gruissan?

Loger à Gruissan : Gruissan

Find out where to stay in Gruissan, this sunny seaside resort in the Aude department, Occitanie region!

A former fishing village on the Mediterranean coast, Gruissan is now the perfect vacation destination for a seaside break. Its unspoilt natural environment, numerous water sports activities and famous stilt cottages are sure to please families. In addition to its marina, listed as a 20th-century heritage site, Gruissan also offers visitors the chance to visit historic buildings such as the Château de Gruissan and the Notre-Dame des Auzils site. Last but not least, the nearby Massif de la Clape offers a wealth of hiking, horse-riding and mountain-biking opportunities.

Sleeping in Gruissan won’t be a problem, as the range of accommodation on offer is vast and diverse. Historical, modern or summery, each neighborhood has its own characteristics and points of interest. So, where to stay in Gruissan? To help you make your choice, we’ve listed the main places to put your suitcases!

Le Port

Loger à Gruissan : Port de plaisance de Gruissan

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This marina, built in the 1960s, is renowned for its architecture. Here, you can arrive by boat, disembark for a few hours and leave again: berths are reserved for yachtsmen! The port of Gruissan is also home to numerous shops, restaurants and lively bars. Artists’ shows by musicians, painters and sculptors are in full swing in summer.

In the harbor district on the right bank, you can party late into the night. During the day, this is where you’ll find the nautical service providers for your leisure activities. So, if you’re looking for a place to stay in Gruissan to enjoy a lively port lifestyle, this is the place to book your accommodation!

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Loger à Gruissan : Mateille

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Gruissan’s largest district is known as Mateille. In the space of ten years, it has undergone dazzling development, without sacrificing its environment and quality of life. Its location is ideal for a quiet stay, yet close to places of interest. Mateille is right next to the marina, and it takes less than 20 minutes to cycle to Les Chalets and Les Ayguades.

The historic village center is less than 10 minutes away. If you’re looking for a place to stay in the commune, close to the Massif de la Clape for hiking, this is the place to stay in Gruissan. The Gorges de la Crouzade and the Nid d’Aigle are within easy reach. On the seaside, the Grazel beach is nearby. The seafront cycle paths are ideal for cycling.

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Le Village

Loger à Gruissan : le vieux village de Gruissan

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Sleep in the heart of Gruissan’s historic district! At the foot of the Château de Gruissan, the port village was born in the 11th century. Since then, it has remained a unique port in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Centuries of tradition have forged the character of Gruissan, in the image of its fishermen, wine-growers and salt-makers. Strolling through the narrow streets, strolling along the Etang de Gruissan or visiting the wine cellars are just some of the things you won’t want to miss during your stay.

In addition to the lively market and the arts and crafts present all year round, the district is also the hub of festivals such as the Médiévales, the Festejades and the Fête des vendanges. When you step out of your hotel or Airbnb rental, you’ll instantly feel like you’re on vacation!

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Les Ayguades

Le village des Ayguades

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Just 5 km east of the marina, this neighborhood is ideal for Gruissan accommodation, perfectly situated between the Massif de la Clape and the Mediterranean Sea. The village is easily accessible via the bicycle path. In fact, it’s a real pleasure, as the road is flat and safe. At Les Ayguades, two ponds provide a natural setting for a wide range of water sports.

In terms of accommodation, the area is ideal if you like camping or vacation villages. As a family, it’s a very practical area, where you can alternate between swimming at the nearby beach and walking in the mountains.

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The Chalets

Un chalet en bord de mer à Gruissan

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The pride of Gruissan, stilt cottages first appeared in the 1860s. They were built by people from Narbonne who had their second homes in Gruissan. Made of odds and ends, but mainly of wood, they quickly gave way when the sea came in. Fishermen then took over and built their own cabins on stilts. Today, there are 1,300 cottages dotted around the beach.

Do you remember Jean-Jacques Beineix ‘s film 37°2 le matin? It was here, in 1985, that the director filmed his greatest success. Staying in Gruissan near the cottages will immerse you in the delightful summer atmosphere of oyster tasting, seafront walks and family bathing.

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