Where to stay in Doha

With your plane ticket in hand, are you planning a stopover or a visit to Doha? Here’s our guide to where to stay in Doha!

Where to stay in Doha, the political and economic capital of Qatar? At first glance, Doha doesn’t inspire much: a stifling climate, the kingdom of oil in the middle of the desert. Yet the Qatari capital has many attractions. Doha, Qatar’s largest city, is home to 800,000 people. 80% of the country’s population lives here, and enjoys rapid economic growth. The city is bordered by the waters of the Persian Gulf, in the center of the east coast. Its seafront stretches along a 7-kilometer corniche. You’ll find many pleasant neighborhoods in which to stay in Doha.

Founded in 1850 on a former fishing port, it has become a wealthy financial center. Doha boasts a flourishing economy, thanks to oil and gas exports. Despite its shortcomings, the « Pearl of the Desert » has many attractions. Between tradition and modernity, you’ll discover a metropolis of contrasts, the charms of the Orient in complete safety. In short, a visit to Doha is a guaranteed change of scenery. Visiting Doha for a few days? Stopping off for a day or two? Here’s our mini-guide to the best places to stay in Doha!

Al Souq

quartier al souq doha

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The Al Souq district is the bustling heart of downtown Doha. Above all, it’s home to the Doha souk. This market, renowned for its spices, clothes, carpets, objects and souvenirs, is not to be missed. It’s also home to a large number of restaurants and shisha bars. It’s also considered one of the few neighborhoods to have retained its authenticity. This historic district is very popular, attracting expatriates and tourists alike. Don’t miss a visit to the Museum of Islamic Art, on the quayside. Continue on to the Qatar National Museum. Then take a stroll along the seafront, along the Corniche. Nearby is Doha’s iconic Pearl Monument. You’ll find plenty of places to eat here. This is definitely one of the best areas to stay in Doha.

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Al Hitmi

Al Hitmi is a small district in the city center. It adjoins the souk district, and offers a variety of hotels where you can spend one or more nights. The advantage is its proximity to the tourist attractions of the city center, the sea and the Corniche.

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Pearl Qatar

pearl city doha

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The Pearl Qatar is nicknamed the « Arab Riviera », or the Arabian Riviera. It is an elegantly constructed artificial island off West Bay. It extends over 4 km² of land created on the sea, north of the Corniche. Here you’ll find Mediterranean-style villas, high-end towers and luxury hotels to stay in Doha. The stores are equally luxurious, featuring the world’s leading brands. The waterfront is a great place for strolling and is dotted with beautiful terraces. It’s one of the most touristy districts, but a very popular one. While this is a very pleasant area in which to sleep in Doha, the rent promises to be just as high: from 15,000 QR, or €3,705!

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West Bay

quartier de west bay a doha au qatar

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Located on the corniche, West Bay is a chic, residential district of Doha. It is home to luxury homes, embassies and the City Center. This is where developers are building the modern towers of the city center. The closer you get to it, the more you have to look up to the sky. West Bay is Doha’s business district. Nevertheless, it’s a good place to stay in Doha if you’re moving abroad: it’s close to the French lycées, the French cultural center and the French embassy.

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Al Dafna

al dafna ou loger au qatar

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The Al Dafna district borders West Bay to the south. It is Doha’s main business center and, as such, the district of the Skyline, where tall modern skyscrapers caress the sky. It stretches out like a strip around the Corniche, offering beautiful strolls along the waterfront. The area is also home to the Qatar National Theatre.

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Al Sadd

Al Sadd seems a long way from the city center. What’s more, it’s both a residential and commercial district. Why choose Al Sadd? Well, because rents are lower than elsewhere (between QR 8,000 and QR 15,000, i.e. between €2,000 and €3,700!). It’s an area of Doha that appeals to singles and couples without children. There are also juice bars, cafés, restaurants and numerous stores.

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Madinat Khalifa

Madinat Khalifa is one of Doha’s most popular districts. Close to Landmark Mall, it also has the advantage of being crossed by Khalifa Street: one of the city’s main shopping streets. Staying in Madinat Khalifa gives you access to a wide range of shopping malls. It’s also a good choice for Doha accommodation in a quiet area.

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Al Waab

al waab quartier doha

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The Al Waab district is one of the most popular, even though it’s a rather out-of-the-way area. It’s a great place for families, with schools and nurseries close by. Villagio Mall and Aspire Park are ideal for children. Staying in Al Waab means staying in Doha in a residential area, in detached villas. The district is booming and increasingly attractive.

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Al Wakra

loger a al wakra

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To the south of Doha, Al Wakra is a must-see on any visit to Qatar. And yet, it’s a city not often visited by tourists. It’s a peaceful place to stay next to Doha. You’ll enjoy a much quieter atmosphere than in the Qatari capital. You’ll see a completely different image of Qatar. Things to do in Al Wakra: the beach, the souk and the fishing port. The old town is a fine example of traditional Gulf architecture.

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