Where to stay in Corinth

Travelling to Greece, queen of Antiquity? Here’s where to stay in Corinth, one of the country’s most beautiful cities!

Perched on a promontory at the entrance to the isthmus that bears its name, Corinth has been invaded by hordes of invaders over the course of its history, and destroyed twice by earthquakes in the last two centuries. The remains of the ancient city, located at the foot of the Acrocorinth, reveal its rich history and the lost power of the city. Today, Corinth is at the center of a tourist area dotted with seaside resorts and points of interest: you can party, swim, enjoy a cultural break in one of the many museums and archaeological sites, before admiring the splendid panorama of the entire coastline from the top of the famous Heraion cape!

Are you ready for adventure in this typically Mediterranean city with a strong character? Come on, we’ll take you away and tell you the best tips for finding the accommodation of your dreams in Corinth.


The city is fairly recent, having been built after a devastating earthquake in the 20th century. A tourist town, open to trade thanks to its privileged geographical position, it’s well worth a stop when you want to visit the region and its major points of interest.

When looking for accommodation in Corinth, it’s easy to find a hotel or weekly rental, as the city is very open to the tourist market, but not only that: escape the flood of visitors by strolling the streets of the new center, which will lead you to delicious taverns where you can sample stuffed vine leaves, before going on to party in the trendy bars lining the main avenues. As everywhere else in Greece, where living standards are modest, prices are affordable whatever the activity on offer, which partly explains the attraction of this highly touristy region during the summer season.

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Ancient city

The ancient city may be in ruins, but the ruins are well preserved, and if you’re looking for a place to stay in Corinth, you can find accommodation in one of the few hotels and guesthouses in the area, just a stone’s throw from the remains.

From here, it’s easy to appreciate ancient wonders such as theAcrocorinth, once the largest acropolis in antiquity, the famous Pirene fountain, or the spectacular Temple of Aphrodite and its view of the region: the isthmus and the Peloponnese mountains. Many museums offer guided tours in several languages, at reasonable prices and all year round.

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Loutráki is a tourist seaside resort overlooking the splendid Gulf of Corinth, but not only that: it’s also a renowned spa town, with locals coming to enjoy the baths as far back as 2500 years ago! Today, it boasts a host of hotels catering to a wide variety of customers, especially during the summer season, as well as numerous tourist establishments such as a casino, discotheques and bars…

From here, however, you can rent a car or organize a hike to explore the surrounding hinterland: the hills are breathtaking and will delight visitors to Corinth looking for a peaceful, authentic experience!

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