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Discovering Andalusia? Discover the best places to stay in Cordoba for an enchanting stay!

Located in the south of Spain, in Andalusia, Cordoba lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and not far from the beautiful Sierra Morena mountains. With 325,708 inhabitants, it is the third most populous city in the region, after Seville and . This ancient city, whose history dates back to antiquity, boasts magnificently preserved Roman remains and an incredible heritage, illustrating every period of its long history. In the city, you can discover sublime monuments such as the Roman Bridge over the river, the Mosque-Cathedral or Mezquita, the Judería or medieval Jewish Quarter, or the Alcázar of the Christian kings.

In addition to its sublime buildings, the beautiful Andalusian city has a unique atmosphere: charming strolls and festive evenings await you in town! Because Andalusia and Spain are also about heady melodies, a strong, well-preserved culture and culinary delights, of which tapas, bite-sized morsels of happiness, are the culmination. So where can you stay in Cordoba and enjoy an Andalusian adventure?

Because choosing the right accommodation in Cordoba is important, we’ve listed the best areas to stay in Cordoba. You’ll have all the information you need to plan your stay in the heart of Andalusia!

San Basilio

South of the city center and Juderia, San Basilio is undoubtedly one of the most charming neighborhoods in which to stay in Cordoba. One of the oldest parts of the Andalusian city, San Basilio is home to many magnificent monuments and buildings, including the Alcazar of the Christian Kings.

But above all, the charm of this district lies in its narrow streets, beautiful white houses with flower-filled patios, and the Andalusian atmosphere that pervades San Basilio. For a picturesque stay, we recommend this small neighborhood for your accommodation in Cordoba.

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Juderia, Quartier Juif, Cordoue

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Just north of San Basilio, the old Jewish Quarter is a superb place to stay in Cordoba. This is where you’ll find the city’s most famous and emblematic monument: the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Built in Islamic times, it was converted into a church and then a cathedral after the Reconquista by the Spanish Christians. In addition to this sublime edifice, the district boasts several architectural and historical gems, including a superb synagogue dating back to 1315! The Juderia district also boasts a perfect central location, between the quays of the Guadalquivir and the various districts of the city center.

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San Andres-San Pablo

As opposed to the modern city center, San Andres-San Pablo is the oldest part of the Old Town! This lively district is an excellent place to stay in Cordoba. For example, you’ll discover a well-preserved Roman temple: a must-see in Cordoba. What’s more, despite the influx of tourists, this district retains a distinctly Andalusian atmosphere, with typical little bars serving delicious tapas!

From your Cordoba accommodation in this charming district, you can easily walk to the Archaeological Museum, the banks of the Guadalquivir and its Roman bridge, or the districts of Juderia and San Basilio!

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Nestled between Juderia and the Victory Gardens, this city center is also a perfect place to stay in Cordoba. Its central location is ideal for accessing the city’s various monuments and neighborhoods, including Juderia, San Basilio and San Andres-San Pablo. You’ll find it easy to find your accommodation in Cordoba, as there are so many possibilities in the city center. More modern than the other districts, the city center is not lacking in charm, with beautiful squares, some superb little churches and Roman remains!

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