Where to stay in Cochabamba?

Going to Bolivia? Find the Cochabamba accommodation that’s right for you and discover all the secrets of this city located between La Paz and Santa Cruz.

Located in the heart of Bolivia and perched at an altitude of over 2,500 meters, Cochabamba is one of the must-see cities on a trip to Bolivia. It lies some 200 km southeast of the administrative capital La Paz. The country’s third-largest city with a population of 1.5 million, it was founded by the Spaniards in 1571 during the colonial era and is today renowned for its gastronomic talents and historic center.

You’ll have no trouble finding accommodation in Cochabamba: there’s plenty to choose from and something to suit every budget. As for the climate, tourists love it for its warm air between October and March.

After visiting churches, museums, cathedrals, convents, palaces and other landmarks, head to your accommodation in Cochabamba for a restful break. Not sure what to choose and where to stay? We’ll help you with this presentation of the best areas to stay in Cochabamba.

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La Cancha

La Cancha, Cochabamba

Photo credit: Flickr – txmx 2

Cochabamba is one of Bolivia’s liveliest cities. One of the liveliest districts is the La Cancha market, also known as « La Pampa « . It is said to be the largest market in Bolivia. It’s close to the railway station and the Laguna Alalay. La Cancha is also one of the most accessible areas for accommodation in Cochabamba. However, beware of the quality of the hotels and the ratings you’ll find on comparison sites. This is the busiest part of town. If you like peace and quiet, don’t choose this area, preferring the outlying districts.

The historic center

Many of Cochabamba’s hotels are located in the city’s historic district. This is where you’ll find most of the monuments you’ll be visiting during your getaway. It’s also where you’ll find most of the city’s good bars and restaurants. Although Cochabamba is one of Bolivia’s noisiest cities, it does have its quieter districts. This is one of them. On the price front, you’ll find affordable and comfortable hotels. Try to concentrate your search around Plaza 14 de Septiembre, near the Catedral Metropolitana de San Sebastián. Book your accommodation in Cochabamba in advance to avoid surprises on the spot.

Queru Queru

Jardin botanique, Cochabamba

Photo credit: Flickr – eduardorudas

Where to sleep in Cochabamba? In the sublime Queru Queru district. This is the district that houses the Museum of Natural History and the Palacio Portales, two must-sees during your stay. This small outlying district offers the chance to be just a few steps from the historic center and, above all, to be at the feet of the locals. You’ll also be close to the Martin Cardenas Botanical Garden and Plaza de Las Banderas. Ideal if you’re with the family or if you want to discover all the secrets of Cochabamba’s culture.

Las Cuadras

From the Las Cuadras district, take the ring road up to El Cristo de la Condordia. It’s 44 centimetres taller than Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer and overlooks the city. The view is breathtaking. In this district, there are some little gems to sleep in, at very affordable prices.