Where to stay in Chengdu?

Are you going to Sichuan, inland China? Find out more about Chengdu, and where to stay in Chengdu!

Known as the « City of Hibiscus », Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan, a vast province in the west-central part of the People’s Republic of China. With an urban area of over 18 million inhabitants, it is one of the most densely populated cities in inland China. As is often the case in China, its historical and cultural heritage is unmissable, with a large number of modern skyscrapers mixed in with traditional historic buildings. Chengdu is also home to giant pandas, making it a very popular tourist destination.

Looking for places to stay in Chengdu? Faced with the immensity of the city, we recommend that you stay closer to the center. The editors of Generation Voyage have put together a list of the best places to stay in Chengdu!

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Chun Xi Lu and Tian Fu

Tian Fu Square, Chengdu

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These two locations represent Chengdu’s modern downtown districts. Tian Fu Square is a large, public, central square where gigantic buildings towering above the clouds surround the fountains of a small park. Children, mothers and the elderly stroll peacefully about. Illuminated signs sparkle in the twilight, not far from the imposing 30-metre-high statue of a man who left an indelible mark on China: Mao Zedong. Here, you’ll find numerous food stalls selling fruit, kebabs and takeaways, as well as a large number of stores and a teeming crowd at all hours of the day: this is a very touristy area.

Not far away is the ChunXi Lu district, the city’s commercial heart. It’s a pedestrian avenue bristling with over 700 stores. This is the place to stay in Chengdu if you love shopping and/or shopping areas. In the small offshoots of the district – the little side streets – you’ll find an emblem of Chinese culture at your stomach’s service: the district’s street food , where you can eat very good food for very little money.

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Jianshe Road

This district to the east of the city – served by the metro – is a residential area with numerous bars and discotheques, a music park – Dong jiao ji yi – and a large number of shops and restaurants. If you like shopping, partying and activity, this is a good place to stay in Changdu. It’s also a green district: along the Shahe River, you’ll find green spaces and parks like Duobaosi Park and Shahe Park.

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In the south of the city, San Sheng is a pleasant area to live. Choose this area if you’re looking for long-term accommodation in Chengdu, or if you want to get away from busy arteries that can be noisy and polluted.

Nearby is the flower market, scenting the area with its delightful fragrances. The district is also dotted with typical bars and restaurants where you can sample the delights of Chinese cuisine, and what’s more, accommodation in Sansheng is not expensive at all. This is Chengdu’s hippie and bobo district: many artists have made it their home.

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Leshan, Sichuan, China

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This town to the south of Chengdu lies next to Mount Emei, a 1h30 drive south of Chengdu. Staying in Leshan allows you to go hiking on Mount Emei, one of China’s 4 sacred mountains, at an altitude of 3,099 meters. In town, don’t miss Haitang Park, a lung of greenery even larger than the city center, the Great Buddha – the world’s largest Buddha before the 20th century – and numerous bars, restaurants and hotels to stay in.

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