Where to stay in Catania

Looking for the charms of Sicily for your vacations? After Palermo, discover the best places to stay in Catania!

The eastern coasts of Sicily, sumptuous beaches on the Ionian Sea, a climb up Mount Etna, natural settings, popular markets and tasty seafood shops, architectural marvels from the civilizations of history, the festive tumult of frenzied streets: that’s all Catania has to offer within its walls. And no, Catania and Sicily are not just about Cosa Nostra and the mafia. Catania had 315,576 inhabitants in 2014, and is Italy’s tenth most populous city. Catania is an effervescent, bustling Baroque-style city. But renting an apartment here can be expensive: it’s best to have a well-stocked wallet for accommodation in Catania.

There aren’t many interesting areas to stay in Catania, despite the fact that there are almost 60 neighborhoods: most of the accommodation on offer – hotels, bed & breakfasts and youth hostels – is concentrated in the city center. Here’s an overview of where to stay in Catania.

Via Etnea

Via Etnea, loger à Catane

Photo credit: Flickr – SNappa2006

Via Etnea is the main pedestrian street in Catania’s historic center. A small, busy shopping thoroughfare, it divides the city center in two along a straight, three-kilometre stretch. Clothing stores and souvenir stores keep customers busy during the day, while ice-cream parlors, bars and restaurants feed and water Catanesi and tourists alike. At nightfall, the district loses its commercial soul to become draped in a festive atmosphere where young people invade the terraces to drink to intoxication: there is a plethora of brasseries, pubs, trendy bars and pizzerias.

In other words, there’s little respite, and you won’t be bored if you choose this area to stay in Catania. The area is home to numerous hotels, as well as the Botanical Gardens and historic buildings: Baroque churches and the Cathedral, the Elephant Fountain, the Cathedral Square. Take a detour to the Bellini Garden near Piazza Roma, which adjoins Via Etnea. For accommodation in Catania, being on Via Etnea and close to Piazza Duomo offers an ideal position for swarming through the streets of the center.

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Via Crociferi

Via Crociferi, loger à Catane

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After strolling and shopping in the northern part of the city center, continue south along Via Crociferi to visit Baroque palaces and churches. Don’t miss the ancient monuments of the Roman Empire – odeon, Roman amphitheatre (as large as Rome’s Colosseum), theater – and the frescoes and magnificent Baroque decor of the Church of San Benedetto. In the narrow streets of the city center, you’ll walk in the footsteps of time, where Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman and Spanish invasions and dominations followed one another. Where to sleep in Catania? In Via Crociferi, if you’re a fan of places steeped in history.

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Main photo credit: Flickr – Ivan Komarov