Where to stay in Brno

Ou Dormir à Brno

For your stay in the Czech Republic, finding accommodation won’t be difficult. Here are the best places to stay in Brno!

The second-largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague, Brno is located in southeastern Czechia, in Moravia, of which it is the historic capital. An economic, cultural and tourist city, Brno attracts many visitors for its rich history and local culture, as well as expatriates for its economic prosperity.

Brno has an abundant supply of accommodation, so you’ll have no trouble renting an apartment or room for the night in the neighborhood of your choice. The city is quite large, spread over 29 districts. In this article, we’ll show you the best ones to stay or live in, and the neighborhoods to avoid to make your Brno experience exceptional!

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Brno-Centre, the economic hub

This district coincides with the territory of the former city of Brno. This part of the city is Brno’s administrative, economic and cultural center. You’ll find numerous offices and institutions, as well as schools. This district covers the following areas: Brno Ville (Město Brno), Vieux Brno (Staré Brno), Štýřice, Veveri, Stranice – areas we recommend for accommodation. Outside the center, you’ll also find the districts of Kraví Hora, Žabovřesky or Jundrov, which are excellent for longer stays in the city of Brno.

Město Brno & Staré Brno, the historic center

Loger à Brno, Mesto

Photo credit: Flickr – Marcel Musil

These two districts make up the city’s historic center. The architecture is ancient, and most of the old buildings and houses are located here. You’ll find most of the city’s landmarks here, such as the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul (also known as Petrov), which dominates the city and faces the Spielberg (Špilberk) fortress. The area is also teeming with cosy cafés and excellent restaurants.

You’re also close to the city’s other attractive districts. Accommodation in Brno Ville or Old Brno is not difficult, as there are many hostels in this area. So it’s the best place to stay when you want to visit the city and enjoy the historic center.

Veveří, the party district!

Loger à Brno, Veveri

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Kirk

On the outskirts of Old Brno lies the festive district of Veveří. Ideally located for visiting the historic heart of the city, but above all for partying! There are plenty of pubs in this district to drink a beer and have fun. It’s also easy to find accommodation in and around Veveří. If you like lively, bustling neighborhoods that are dynamic both night and day, you now know where to stay in Brno.

Kraví Hora

If you want to stay or live close to the center, without having to deal with the tourist influx or the noisy city, this neighborhood is perfect for you. The Žabovřesky part of the district is also a great place to stay. You’re close to the center, in a quiet area, with plenty of leisure activities (swimming pools, restaurants, cafés). Public transport provides easy access to the historic center if you wish.


If you’re planning to stay in Brno for a longer period, this area is perfect: between the forest and the city, you’ll find many small, welcoming houses and apartments. Public transport makes it easy to get to the center.

Neighborhoods to avoid: Zábrdovice & Husovice

Loger à Brno, Zabrdovice

Photo credit: WikiMedia – Kirk

In the opinion of local expatriates and travelers alike, these two neighborhoods should be avoided if you’re staying in Brno for any length of time. The city is very quiet and safe, but these two neighborhoods can be noisy and crowded after dark. Prefer the above-mentioned neighborhoods, which are either close to tourist and historical sites, or located in very quiet, pleasant areas.

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