Where to stay in Berlin

Se loger à Berlin, où dormir ?

Where to stay in Berlin? Find the best place to stay in Berlin during your stay in the German capital!

Germany’s largest city and the second most populous in the European Union, Berlin has a wealth of places to sleep and a population of just over 3.5 million. Throughout its history, Berlin has lived through both splendid and more sombre eras. Today, it is one of the world’s leading cities of art and culture, welcoming over 10 million visitors a year (11.9 million in 2014).

Accommodation in Berlin is easy all year round, and there’s something for everyone. This is, after all, a European capital, and the supply of accommodation is abundant! The choice of where to stay in Berlin depends above all on how you travel and what you want to see and do: between Mitte – the tourist heartland -, Kreuzberg – the Turkish Quarter -, Friedrichshain – the party district – Prenzlauer Berg – the bohemian district -, and Charlottenburg – the middle-class district – accommodation offers different atmospheres from one place to another. Here’s an overview of Berlin’s neighborhoods.

Mitte: the most historic

Loger dans le quartier Mitte à Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – Philippe AMIOT

The city’s historic center, Mitte is « The place to be » if you want to avoid wasting time on public transport, however well-made it may be. If you want to stroll from store to store, wander along the famous Alexanderplatz, hop from one exhibition to the next, stroll along Museum Island, this is indeed a very cultural district. The district boasts numerous boutiques for shopping, museums everywhere, government buildings (the famous Reichstag), and an enormous 210-hectare park (3 kilometers long). In Mitte, you’ll find all types of accommodation, from youth hostels to luxury hotels: but don’t forget to budget, as Berlin is one of the most expensive destinations for accommodation.

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Kreuzberg: the most festive

Loger dans le quartier Kreuzberg à Berlin

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Kreuzberg – nicknamed « Little Istanbul » – is one of Berlin’s most festive neighbourhoods. – is one of Berlin’s most festive neighborhoods. If you’re looking for relaxation and rest, look elsewhere. If you like to party, you’ll find bars, clubs, concert halls and a diverse mix of Berliners, tourists and expatriates. The district attracts young people eager for trendy or crazy alternative venues and shared gardens.

The accommodations are ideal for travelers on a budget who enjoy a festive atmosphere. What’s more, it’s a very central district, ideal for strolling around during the day and partying at night.

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Friedrichshain: the most alternative

Friedrichshain, Berlin

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This is a former district of East Berlin, famous for housing a section of the Berlin Wall. Today, the Wall is decorated with a variety of paintings. Friedrichshain attracts night owls and local youth! The atmosphere of the Socialist People’s Republic is still present. The district is popular with students and artists, and as in all cities undergoing gentrification, alternative venues are being replaced by comfortable accommodation to attract the middle class, making it the ideal place to sleep in Berlin. The nightlife, however, is effervescent – with numerous bars and concert halls – and is still frequented by a young, alternative population.

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Prenzlauer Berg: the most arty

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Abaris

A little off the beaten track from the heart of the city, this former working-class district is a haven for creative Berliners. Both young and family-friendly, Prenzlauer Berg is home to art galleries, small cafés, quirky bars and concert halls. It’s the district that has welcomed the most middle-class German families. Since then, it’s been the place to go for fair-trade coffee, organic and vegetarian restaurants, and a great place to stay if you want to sleep in Berlin in a trendy and quiet place, like in a small village.

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Ku’Damm and Charlottenburg: the most bourgeois of them all

Château de Charlottenburg, Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – micharl_foto

Looking for a chic, upscale place to stay in Berlin? Head to (Kurfürstendamm). More commonly known as Berlin’s Champs-Elysées the avenue is home to the most luxurious boutiques and hotels. Staying in Berlin in this area means enjoying the elegant surroundings and close proximity to public transport. Just a stone’s throw from Ku’Damm, you’ll also find the city’s zoo, one of the largest in the world.

More residential but just as upscale, Charlottenburg is a prime district for a chic stay in Berlin. Located not far from Charlottenburg Palace, it is home to the city’s upper class. Those who can afford it will be delighted with a stay in this area! Take advantage of your stay to sample the famous Grosz tea.

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Wedding: the most fashionable

Wedding is a neighborhood that’s starting to make a name for itself. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, there’s still time to choose it as the place to stay during your stay in Berlin. And for good reason: it’s here that new addresses with trendy concepts are gradually emerging. From small bars and cafés to responsible boutiques, Wedding boasts a very modern quality of life. Avant-garde and a touch artistic, it is home to experimental art galleries and the Piano Salon Christophori: a former piano repair/manufacturing workshop now transformed into a stage where pianists from all over the world come to perform. Admission and drinks are free!

Young, hip and, above all, talented, Wedding is first and foremost an excellent alternative for lodging in Berlin: living in a neighborhood that’s still discreet, the accommodations there benefit from rates that are almost unbeatable for Berlin (count on average around thirty euros a night on Airbnb).

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Neukölln: the warmest of the lot

Neukölln, Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – ekvidi

For many locals and visitors alike, Neukölln is a warm, intimate district not far from Kreuzberg. Its narrow streets, authentic restaurants, timeworn cafés, concerts by artists from all over the world and Turkish cuisine give it a special charm. Large, very large, the Neukölln district is an eclectic place where diversity promises a visit rich in discoveries. Take a stroll through the small boutiques and cafés of Pannierstrasse , visit the Maybachufer market (right by the river) and stop off at Tempelhof Park, a veritable jewel of greenery. Tranquil and a little bucolic, choosing Neukölln for your accommodation in Berlin assures you of one thing: you’ll be back!

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Alt-Treptow: the trendiest

Molecule Man, Alt-Treptow, Berlin

Photo credit: Flickr – Fred Romero

Alone, with family, friends or as a couple, Alt-Treptow is the district of choice if you’re looking for a peaceful place to sleep in Berlin. Far from mass tourism, the area is still protected from visitors by the locals: let’s just say its name isn’t easily spread around. Acting as a border with Kreuzberg, it remains fairly quiet, even if it does boast a few clubbing addresses. With its park and waterside bars along the Spree, Alt-Treptow is home to a few nuggets worth a visit, such as the Badeschiff pool bar.

Another important factor is that accommodation prices range from an average of €20 to €60 per night! Hotels, on the other hand, offer very affordable rates.

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Tiergarten: the most natural

Renowned as Berlin’s green district, Tiergarten is particularly enchanting in springtime. Almost entirely made up of parkland, the area promises visitors superb strolls: in fact, it’s here that you’ll discover the renowned Tiergarten Forest, a green lung in the heart of the city. For families, sleeping in Berlin’s Tiergarten is an ideal choice for your stay, because in addition to enjoying the lush greenery of the area, which is ideal for walks and play activities, you’ll also be able to get to the West Berlin Zoo (the country’s oldest) in just a few minutes’ walk.

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