Where to stay in Bergen

Off to visit Norway’s fjords? Here’s our mini-guide to where to stay in Bergen!

Where to stay in Bergen? Bergen is located in south-western Norway, on the western edge of a vast area of jagged valleys into which the North Sea has rushed to form what are known as the fjords. With a population of 278,121, Bergen is the country’s second-largest city after Oslo. Thanks to its topography – surrounded by islands and mountains – Bergen, land of the Vikings, was the country’s capital from 1162 to 1299.

Today, Bergen is world-famous for its historic Bryggen district of colorful wooden houses, built in the harbor of the marina, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bergen benefits from its cultural vibrancy and its history, having succeeded in becoming a major metropolis while retaining its soul as a small fishing town. If you’re coming to Bergen, there’s one major question you’ll need to answer: where to stay?

The best areas to stay in Bergen are the city center, Bryggen, Fløyen, Nordnes, Nygårdshøyden, Fjellsiden. Here’s our overview of the best places to stay in Bergen.


Quartier Bryggen, Bergen

Photo credit: Flickr -damian entwistle

Bergen’s historic quarter, Bryggen, is the postcard image we all have in mind when we think of the city. It’s a string of wooden houses painted in red, ochre and yellow, with numerous bars and cafés for lounging. The district burned down several times and was rebuilt identically, so the charm of yesteryear has been preserved: a stroll through Bryggen offers a window on a bygone era, like stepping back in time to the Middle Ages. The district also boasts a number of museums, including the Hanseatic Museum, Mariakirken (St. Mary’s Church), Bryggens Museum, an exhibition of medieval relics, and the Bergenhus fortress (13th century).

Choosing to stay in Bryggen offers the advantage of sleeping in a popular, authentic yet very touristy area. Be sure to visit Torget (the Market Square), at the port of Bergen. You’ll find everything you need for a good local meal, from fresh vegetables to reindeer, elk and whale sausages.


Nygårdshøyden is the district south of the city center, including the university campus andJohanneskirken church. Here you can enjoy student-style living among a young population. There are few tourist attractions here, but it’s the ideal place to stay in Bergen if you want to avoid finding yourself in a human tide of tourists.


Fjellsiden lies on a hillside to the north of Bryggen. It’s a residential district on the heights of Bergen, offering a beautiful view of the harbor and the city. A funicular takes you to the heights of Mount Fløyen, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush, enchanting nature. Note that there is a Fjellsiden Nord and a Fjellsiden Sør (south) near Lake Svartediket. Looking for a peaceful place to stay in Bergen? You’ve come to the right place: look for accommodation close to the Kalvedalsveien boulevard for quicker access to the city center. On Fjellsiden Nord, you’ll be just a few minutes’ walk from Bryggen and its popular shops.


Nordnes is a district located on a small peninsula in Bergen, often cited as one of the best places to visit and stay in Bergen. Not very touristy (because it’s not listed in many guidebooks), you’ll find typical, colorful wooden houses and cobbled streets with few visitors. If you don’t have a bike, arm yourself with good shoes, as the incline of the alleyways can be steep.

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