Where to stay in Atlanta

Planning a trip to the USA to visit Georgia? Here are the different areas to stay in Atlanta during your stay!

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is the state’s most populous city in the north. The ninth-largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a population of 486,290 and an urban area of 5.88 million, Atlanta is one of America’s fastest-growing cities, both economically and demographically. Popular and lively, Atlanta is characterized by its skyscrapers, but numerous forests and green spaces encircle the city – if you’ve been following the Walking Dead series, you’ll know that multiple scenes from the beginning of the series are shot in and around Atlanta – in a mix of cultures, making the city one of the most pleasant and welcoming in the United States.

Looking for a place to stay in Atlanta? As it happens, Atlanta has a wide range of over 92,000 hotel rooms to choose from, close to the city center and in many livable neighborhoods. The city also boasts a lively cultural life and a cultural heritage that can’t be ignored. Here’s a quick guide to Atlanta’s neighborhoods.


Downtown is Atlanta’s most active and central business and historic district – the CBD.

There’s plenty to do both day and night. High buildings and skyscrapers tickling the clouds as you look up, wander through the neighborhood’s countless boutiques and cultural facilities: shopping malls, Centennial Park, the Coca-Cola Museum, the CNN studios. The Apex Museum, the Fox Theatre, the Center for Civil and Human Rights – Atlanta, birthplace of Dr. Luther King, is at the forefront of the struggle for human rights – and theGeorgia Aquarium – the largest in the world – are must-sees in the neighborhood. Also not to be missed is the Skyview of Atlanta, an attraction offering a view of the city from the top of a Ferris wheel. There’s also a plethora of bars, cafés, restaurants and hotels to choose from in Downtown Atlanta. But be warned: accommodation in Downtown Atlanta will be expensive!

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Sweet Auburn

Sweet Auburn refers to a personality we all know: bordering Dowtown to the east, Sweet Auburn is the neighborhood where the icon of the struggle for human rights and against discrimination and racism was born and lived: Martin Luther King, born in Atlanta on January 29, 1929 and assassinated in 1968. There are several monuments to King, including the historic Martin Luther King Jr. National Park and the eponymous museum. There are few hotels in Sweet Auburn, however.

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Midtown borders Downtown to the north. It’s a very lively district, attracting the city’s trendy, bohemian population. It’s home to the Georgia Institute of Technology campus, which attracts a young, ultra-qualified population. This contributes to the gentrification of the area, making it a trendy and expensive place to stay in Atlanta.

Things to see and do in the neighborhood: the High Museum of Art, Margaret Mitchell’s house and the Center for Puppertry Arts. Piedmont Park and its botanical garden, to the east of the neighborhood, are a must. If you want to stroll around for a while, this is the place to be, with its Clara Meer lake and numerous amenities.

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This is where you start to find yourself really far from downtown Atlanta. Choose to stay in Buckhead if you don’t like crowded downtowns, where all rates are 30% higher due to the never-ending law of supply and demand.

Buckhead is a residential neighborhood perched high in the hills north of Atlanta, featuring Victorian-style homes and vast mansions at the foot of immense wooded parks: it’s not exactly the city’s poorest people who live here! For a quiet country feel, head to Atlanta Memorial Park, Chastain Memorial Park to the north or Brookhaven Park. In this vast neighborhood, visit the History Center, a museum tracing the city’s history from slavery to World War II.

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