Where to stay in and around Chambéry?

Off to discover Savoie? Here’s where to stay in Chambéry, the City of the Dukes!

Chambéry is a mountain city of 60,000 souls, wedged between the Bauges and Chartreuse massifs in the northern Pre-Alps. Prefecture of the Savoie department, it proudly boasts a rich and fascinating history: capital of the Duchy of Savoie, disputed by France andItaly, then almost destroyed during the bombardments of the Second World War, it is today a popular city experiencing a major demographic boom: the presence of a major university, its geographical position within a region boasting sublime landscapes, and the countless monuments testifying to the richness of its historical heritage are undoubtedly no strangers to this!

So, would you like to come and immerse yourself in the heart of this splendid Savoyard town? We’ll take you on a tour and give you all the tips you need to find the accommodation of your dreams in Chambéry.


Chambéry’s historic center is well worth a visit on its own, whether for a guided historical tour or a leisurely stroll: Once you’ve visited the famous Château des Ducs de Savoie, you’ll pass by Chambéry’s splendid Saint-François-de-Sales cathedral, with its trompe-l’œil paintings, then the elephant fountain, the city’s emblematic 19th-century monument, before visiting the spectacular Musée des Beaux-Arts de Chambéry and strolling along the lush green paths of the Parc du Verney, where, in summer, you can even go horseback riding!

Chambéry is a city open to Europe, historically disputed by several states, and not lacking in charm; for those looking for a place to stay in Chambéry’s historic city center, don’t hesitate to check out the apartment rental offers on rental platforms, their presence being very marked in this sector -Chambéry being a vacation spot, whether in winter or summer- or choose from the flurry of hotels available!

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This small commune, almost part of Chambéry, lies to the south of the city and offers a peaceful, restful environment: follow the hiking trail to the Jacob-Bellecombette waterfall, a clean, unspoilt spot ideal for summer strolls, then follow the Pontet stream along one of the many signposted paths that wind their way up the hills and take you to many exceptional viewpoints over the Mont Granier region.

There are no monuments or amusement parks to be discovered here, but a corner of nature that is still fiercely wild and that will appeal to nature and discovery lovers; and for those wondering where to sleep in Chambéry, in any season, in this rural area, chambres d’hôtes offer rooms for rent that will welcome you without any problem.

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Located just a handful of kilometers west of the city of Chambéry, Lépin is a tranquil Savoyard village that is home to a popular local watering hole, the natural Lac d’Aiguebelette, where you can easily find the accommodation of your dreams at one of the campsites bordering the lake! What’s more, this typical Savoyard commune boasts a small nautical base from which you can easily take a boat to discover this majestic spot at the foot of the mountains.

Accommodation in the town of Lépin in Chambéry is child’s play, given the number of establishments located there, but what’s more, the location provides excellent access – the road network is of excellent quality – to the surrounding ski resorts, or to Mont Grelle and its rocky paths perfect for practicing walking: lovers of the great outdoors need look no further!

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