Where to stay in and around Bugarach?


Visiting the Corbières massif in the Aude department? Here’s where to stay in Bugarach, right in the middle of Cathar country!

Bugarach is a rather special place. Firstly, because this little hamlet of 230 souls, located on the famous « Cathar Trail », has a rich history and is packed with monuments dating back several millennia: witness the splendid Roman bridge spanning the Blanque canyon, or the ruins of a castle built in the center of the village, destroyed several times and once home to Cathar heretics hunted down by the church.

Secondly, the site is located close to the famous  » Pic de Bugarach « , a geological curiosity. a geological curiosity rising to a height of 1230 m, whereas the other hills in the region are only a few hundred meters high: of course, many legends soon circulated about this mysterious promontory, attributing to it properties that are, to say the least, mysterious. Some rumors claim that ghosts are seen there and that frightening telluric phenomena take place. Planes are said to go haywire when they fly over it, and mysterious cavities have been discovered… hidden treasure, even a UFO garage! In December 2012, access to the peak was even forbidden, as it was claimed that this village would be the only one to escape the destruction of the world foreseen at that very moment by the Mayan calendar!

As you can see, the prediction was somewhat wrong, and you can still visit Bugarach and immerse yourself in the magic of the place. So, are you ready to discover the mysteries of this fascinating place? We’ve got all the tips you need to find the best accommodation in Bugarach!


It’s worth noting that the hamlet, tiny like most of the villages in the area, has a town center that’s just as tiny. The historic center is obviously the place to go if you want to eat out and sample some of the region’s typical dishes, since this type of establishment is, along with the few hotels and bed & breakfasts, the only thing of interest in the village itself.

But staying at Bugarach also means taking advantage of a unique opportunity to discover an extraordinary natural heritage: you can organize an expedition along one of the many hiking trails that criss-cross the surrounding area: follow the paths until you reach the Caoussanels or Pourteille streams, for example?

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The village surroundings


Or, for the more adventurous, there are several routes to climb the famous « pech » (the local term for the Pic de Bugarach), located to the south-east of the hamlet, which, once conquered, offers a breathtaking panorama of the region!

If you’re tired and looking for a place to stay near Bugarach, there are a number of campsites in the vicinity of the peak where you can enjoy a well-deserved break in unspoilt natural surroundings. What else should you do? Take a look at the amazing Roman bridge spanning the Blanque river, just a few hours’ walk away, or admire the… vultures at the nearby ornithological observatory!

To the south is the cascade des Mathieux, a unique place to cool off and enjoy a snack and a glass of local walnut wine. Lodging at Bugarach is also possible in a scouting style, using a tent to sleep under the stars, but you should avoid making fires during the summer season – an act punishable by a heavy fine – and beware of… wild boars, beasts that are usually peaceful but can be very snarling when accompanied by their young!

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