Where to stay in Alice Springs

Off to Australia, the land of kangaroos? Here’s where to stay in Alice Springs, the jewel of the Outback!

Alice Springs – affectionately nicknamed « The Alice » by its inhabitants – is a town lost in the Australian Outback, right in the middle ofAustralia’s Northern Territory, in the middle of the desert, on the road to the famous Ayers Rock. With its 28,000 inhabitants, Alice Springs is the third-largest town in the territory, after Darwin and Palmerston. As the only town within a 1000 km radius, this isolation lends the town a somewhat special status: despite its small size, it is systematically considered to be one of Australia’s hotspots and has become a popular tourist destination. The town experienced a certain boom at the end of the 19th century with the discovery of gold in its vicinity, and from then on its population grew: the myth of Alice Springs was born!

Despite the aridity of the region, it has a number of assets: in addition to the beauty of the landscape and the various activities on offer, a visit here allows you to experience a little of the magic of the Aboriginal culture, which is still very much present in the area and whose communities are scattered around the commune.

Are you up for it? Check out our selection of the best places to stay during your stay in Alice Springs!

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Centre, Alice-Springs

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The heart of the town is teeming with life and there are countless activities to choose from; why not go shopping at the Alice Plaza shopping center, or take a scare down the aisles of the Alice Springs Reptile Center and admire the many species of lizards and snakes? When it comes to accommodation, there’s no problem: in addition to the many apartments available for weekly rental, there are numerous hotels to satisfy even the most discerning visitors, enabling them to stay in Alice Springs whatever their budget.

Interestingly, the city is very safe, day and night.

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East Side

Located, as its name suggests, to the east of Alice Springs town center, East Side is a residential area where a good number of homes are available: indeed, many Australians use rental platforms and make their homes available to travelers. Prices are high, however, as the East Side is a rather upmarket area; on the other hand, families will easily opt for this option, as all practical amenities are within easy reach, as well as multiple shops!

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The Gap

Further south, The Gap is a lively district offering a wide range of activities: you can go out and party here, as well as enjoy the exotic dishes on offer in the various restaurants open at all hours. And if you’re looking for a little culture, there’s the Aboriginal Art Centre, where you can discover the extraordinary cultural heritage of the island’s first inhabitants, long before the arrival of the first European settlers. The icing on the cake: a well-stocked hotel offer will enable everyone to choose the most suitable place to stay in Alice Springs.

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In the far west, the hamlet of Araluen, famous for its cultural center, is a peaceful area and therefore a good choice for accommodation in Alice Springs when you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing stay. A special feature is the Alice Springs Tourist Park, a campervan site that will be the ideal location for nomadic tourists and adventurers seeking to conquer the red sand dunes so characteristic of the Australian Outback: Araluen is the gateway to the desert’s immensity.

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