Where to stay in Algiers

Off to « Algiers la blanche » to discover Algeria? Here’s our guide to the best places to stay in Algiers!

Situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in north-central Algeria, the city nicknamed « la joyeuse » – El Bahja – is the second most populous city in the Maghreb. – El Bahja – is the second most populous city in the Maghreb, with 2,481,788 inhabitants and 7.8 million people in the entire urban area. AlgiersAl-Djazaïr – is a giant city of 1,190 km², home to the country’s political and economic institutions and a rich historical and cultural heritage. Rents are high in Algiers: you can expect to pay €1,000 per month for a 90 m² apartment, but prices vary widely depending on the district. In other words, finding a place to live in Algiers can be expensive. Yet Algerian tourism is on a roll: in 2014, over 2.3 million tourists visited the country.

Algiers has many neighborhoods, the oldest of which – the Casbah – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Algiers-Centre, le Front de mer, Bab El Oued, Belouizdad, Birkhadem, Kouba, El-Harrach, Hydra and Bouzareah, from the upper town to the lower town. Here are the best areas to stay in Algiers.

The Kasbah

Casbah, loger à Alger

Photo credit: Flickr – PhR610

La Casbah is the Medina of Algiers, the historic old town, founded in the 4th century BC by the Phoenicians and now a World Heritage Site. The Kasbah of Algiers is built on a steep slope, backing onto the Bouzaréah massif and close to the Mitidja plain. There are many historic monuments to visit, including the Grande Mosquée d’Alger, the Sidi Abd al-Rahman mosque, the Ketchaoua mosque, the Place des Martyrs and Dar Aziza Bent al-Bey, a 16th-century palace.

To the south of the Kasbah, you’ll find the Palais des Raïs – also known as Bastion 23 – containing three palaces and six douerates (fishermen’s houses). Ottoman architecture blends with Moorish style in a maze of alleyways hemmed in by white houses with flat roofs. Visit the Musée National des Arts et des Traditions Populaires (National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions) and enjoy a stroll along the fishing port of Bab el Djezira. Lodging in the Kasbah offers a very central location, ideal for exploring Algiers on foot.

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Centre, loger à Alger

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This is literally the heart of modern Algiers. Adjacent to the Kasbah, Algiers-Centre is home to most of the country’s commercial arteries and administrative institutions (National Assembly, government, Council of the Nation, ministries). It is also home to the naval forces and the port. Algiers-Centre has the advantage of housing the main railway station and the ferry terminal. This is the place to stay in Algiers if you’re arriving in Algeria, returning to France or need to catch a train the next day.

There are two museums to visit in the district: the Musée d’Art Moderne d’Alger (MAMA) and the Musée Parenthèse. This is where you’ll find the University of Algiers 1: a young, student-friendly atmosphere in the southern part of the district. The Carrefour de la Grande Poste is the beating heart of Algiers. Then, as you wind your way through the district, you’ll find the Sacré-Cœur d’Alger cathedral, Place Audin and Parc de la Liberté. Along the seafront and harbor, chic restaurants await to tempt your taste buds.

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Hydra, loger à Alger

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Hydra is located south of the city center, a few kilometers from the sea and, in particular, from the Hamma botanical gardens. It’s a residential, upscale and quiet neighborhood in Algiers, perched on the heights, attracting wealthy categories and international expatriates. It is home to chic restaurants serving Algerian and international cuisine. The Ben Aknoun zoo is a particular attraction, with a number of rides and, above all, a large green setting in the middle of this urban jungle.

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