Where to stay in Abu Dhabi

Où dormir à Abu Dhabi ?

Travelling to the United Arab Emirates for business or pleasure? We give you the best places to stay in Abu Dhabi!

Capital of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, this city of the same name is home to some 600,000 inhabitants and is the country’s third-largest city after Dubai and Charjah. The economic, cultural, financial, political and industrial hub of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi enjoys a key geostrategic position thanks to the oil economy in the Persian Gulf. Most of the city’s development in the last century took place around several islands linked by numerous bridges.

With its hot, humid subtropical desert climate, the temperature is unbearable in summer (approaching 50°C), so it’s best to visit from November to April. Finding accommodation in Abu Dhabi means distinguishing between numerous tourist and expatriate districts. While it’s not difficult to find a place to sleep in Abu Dhabi, rents denominated in dirhams can be exorbitant (€1,500 to €4,000 per month) depending on the type of accommodation chosen (room, studio, apartment, luxury hotel…). Here’s where to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Al Khalidiya and Musafah

Al Khalidiya Park, loger à Abu Dhabi

Photo credit: Wikimedia – pj soans

A very central district close to the Corniche, it is very popular with tourists. It’s a great place to stay in Abu Dhabi, where – as in all Emirati cities – you’ll find numerous parks and green spaces, a plethora of supermarkets and shopping malls – if you like shopping – and Western-style comfort. Around Al Khalidiya, you’ll find old buildings rubbing shoulders with modern ones, spacious accommodation with private pools, saunas, playgrounds and gyms: all the comforts you need for chic tourism.

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Al Markaziyah

Corniche, loger à Abu Dhabi

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Bordered by the Corniche – an 8-kilometer-long waterfront with views of towering skyscrapers, bike paths and pedestrian walkways – it is a popular destination for visitors to Abu Dhabi. See the World Trade Centre, Nation Towers and Etihad Towers, whose shadows are clearly reflected in the water. Built around Hamdan Street, the main boulevard, enter the district’s many souks for a shopping spree. Try to haggle over items, as price negotiation is a national sport here. It’s hard to get around, let alone park, but in any case, everything is within walking distance: hookah bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. A good place to stay in Abu Dhabi if you like active, lively areas.

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Khor al-Maqta

Mosquée Sheikh Zayed, loger à Abu Dhabi

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Situated on the Grand Canal, this district and its shores are home to a number of luxury, high-class resorts. Here you’ll find oriental restaurants serving international culinary specialties, and enjoy splendid views of the Grand Mosque (Sheikh Zayed Mosque) or the beach on the Khor.

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Al Zahiyah

Al Zahiyah, loger à Abu Dhabi

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World cuisine restaurants, shopping malls, hookah bars, skyscrapers: that’s what this district is all about. Located at the eastern end of the Corniche, the advantage here is that hotels offer better value for money. If you’re a keen shopper, a gamer or a fashionista, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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