Where to sleep near Venice airport?

Loger près de l'aéroport de Venise

Sleeping near Venice airport may be necessary if you have an early flight or arrive late. Here are our tips for finding accommodation for that special night.

Venice’s airport is named after Marco Polo. It is located some ten kilometers north of the city. Not to be confused with Treviso airport, which some low-cost airlines offer depending on your departure or destination city. The latter is some 40 kilometers away.

There are many reasons to sleep near Venice airport. You may have an early flight the next morning, or arrive at a late hour. Transport between the airport and Venice runs between 8am and 9:30pm. If you’re scheduled to take off outside these times, you’ll need to sleep in Venice. A more uncomfortable situation: you may be unable to board because your flight is overbooked, for example. In any case, the most practical solution is to spend the night near Venice airport. To help you see things more clearly and enjoy a few hours’ sleep, you’ll find plenty of information in this mini-guide.

Is Venice airport open at night?

If you’d like to sleep directly at the airport, please note that this is not possible. Venice Marco Polo airport closes between midnight and 4am. Only passengers on flights taking off very early are allowed to stay in the building, upon presentation of proof of identity. It is also forbidden to sleep in the airport.

Hotels near Venice airport

Hôtels où loger près de l'aéroport de Venise

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Many hotels are located close to Venice Marco Polo airport. From the simplest to the most luxurious, you’re sure to find a room to suit your needs. For a hotel room, expect to pay between €45 and €123. If you prefer to use Airbnb, you can rent a room for around €30. However, the nearest Airbnb accommodations are in Mestre (about 8 kilometers from Marco Polo). Hotels are located in Tessera (one or two kilometers from the terminal). There is no hotel complex directly connected to Marco Polo. Here are a few places to stay near Venice airport.

Annia Park Hotel Venice Airport

This hotel has adapted to travelers and their needs. It offers breakfast service from 4:30 a.m. and a private shuttle to the airport, just 600 meters away. Please note: unlike many of its competitors, the shuttle is free of charge. Free parking is also available, as is WiFi access. It’s a modern, elegant place to stay near Venice airport.

Le B and B Gabriel et Mélissa

This motel offers rooms of various sizes, ideal if you’re planning a stay with friends, for example. All rooms share a bathroom. A shuttle can be booked to take you to the airport, 700 meters away. Wifi connection and parking are free. The strong point of this hotel: the availability and friendliness of the hosts.

Courtyard by Marriott Venice Airport

This hotel is located just one kilometer from Marco Polo. It offers a shuttle service to and from Marco Polo, WiFi access and an excellent restaurant. What sets it apart from the others: it’s close to the bus stop to Venice. The rooms are very large and all have desks.

Best Western Titian Inn Hotel Venice Airport

The hotel is also about one kilometer from Marco Polo. It offers spacious rooms with Wi-Fi access and an airport shuttle service. The shuttle must be booked 24 hours in advance. Breakfast is served from 4:30 a.m. and pets are allowed.

Where to stay near Venice airport?


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If you’re looking for a place to stay near Venice airport, you’ll have to look at the surrounding towns. Marco Polo has no adjoining establishments.


It’s the ideal city in which to stay near Venice Marco Polo airport, as it’s located there itself. The above-mentioned hotels are all located here. Depending on your choice, you can stay here throughout your stay. Venice can be reached by bus in around 30 minutes.

Find a hotel in Tessera

Find an Airbnb in Tessera


Rue à Mestre, Venise, Italie

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Mestre is Venice’s extension on the mainland. It’s an excellent place to spend your last evening in Venice before getting back on the plane. The airport is 8 kilometers from the city. There is a shuttle bus from Mestre station to the airport: check the timetable according to your flight.

Find a hotel in Mestre

Find an Airbnb in Mestre


Campalto is the second closest town to Marco Polo airport, after Tessera. It is, however, smaller, but can be an alternative for sleeping close to Venice airport if hotels in other towns are fully booked. It can be reached by cab (or private shuttle, depending on the services offered by your accommodation) or bus.

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Vue sur Marghera

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The town of Marghera grew thanks to its port activity, which flourished in the early 20th century. Considered a dormitory town for Venice and Mestre, it is of little tourist interest. However, you’ll find a large number of affordable hotels. If you’re looking for a place to stay near Venice airport, several bus lines connect Marghera to Marco Polo in around 20 minutes.

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Where can I park at Venice airport?

If you’re coming from Venice itself, you’ll probably take a waterbus or water cab, which remain the quickest and easiest ways to get to Marco Polo airport. If you’ve found a place to stay near the Venice airport, the easiest way is still to use the shuttle bus.

However, if you have a car and need to park near the airport, it is surrounded by 6 parking lots, including a drop-off point. You’ll be able to take advantage of an inexpensive parking space.