Where to sleep near Athens airport?

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Travelling to Greece, or passing through Athens? Here’s our advice on where to stay near Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport!

Are you planning to fly into Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport? In any case, it’s best to know where to stay near Athens airport. Whether you’re flying to your destination or just connecting, you may need to stay overnight. The airport is located some twenty kilometers to the east of the city. Depending on your flight schedule, sleeping in the center of the Greek capital may not be the most practical solution.

You may also be inconvenienced by a cancelled or delayed flight. This kind of unforeseen event can leave you stranded for the night. You’ll need to find nearby accommodation quickly. Fortunately, there are several options available if you need a place to stay. Here are our tips on where to sleep near Athens airport, whatever your situation.

Is Athens airport open at night?

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The Athens International Airport concourse is open 24 hours a day. So you can stay overnight, eat in one of its restaurants and access Wi-Fi free of charge. This can be an advantage for early-morning flights. On the other hand, it’s certainly not the most comfortable!

Hotels near Athens airport

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If you’re looking for a place to stay near Athens airport, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options. Most of them can be booked directly online. Here is a selection of hotels near Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport. Prices are based on one night for two people.

Sofitel Athens Airport

This hotel is located just fifty metres from the main terminal. It has three hundred and forty-five rooms and twelve suites. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar and Internet access. For food and drink, there are two restaurants and a bar. Additional services include massages and a spa. Room rates reflect the hotel’s high standards, starting at two hundred and twenty-two euros.

Hotel Peri

Hotel Peri is located in the town of Artemida (Loutsa), just ten minutes from Athens airport. Open all year round, it offers comfortable rooms for up to four people. Prices start at ninety-five euros per night. Good to know, this hotel offers a 24-hour airport transfer service. A good place to stay near Athens airport.

Holiday Inn Athens Airport

Also just ten minutes from the terminal, this hotel is located on the outskirts of Athens. Each room is equipped with a bathtub and air conditioning. If you wish, you can enjoy access to the swimming pool. Like its predecessor, this hotel offers a shuttle transfer service. These run 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday. One-night stays start at one hundred and fifty-six euros for two people.

Comfort Stay

The Comfort Stay hotel is located approximately six kilometers from Athens airport. A free shuttle service is available to guests. So, whether you’re arriving at or departing from the airport, you’re guaranteed transportation. Rooms are equipped with every comfort: Wi-Fi, coffee machine, air conditioning… For one night, budget from eighty euros.

Dolce Athens Attica Riviera

With its four-star rating, this hotel guarantees a quality welcome. It is located in Vravrona, around thirteen kilometers from Athens airport. Located right on the beach, it boasts a saltwater swimming pool and tennis courts. Each room is equipped with a fridge, TV and bathroom. If you’d like to stay overnight, you’ll need to pay between one hundred and thirty and one hundred and fifty euros for a double room.

Where to stay near Athens airport?

Depending on your travel dates, hotels close to Athens airport may not have any rooms available. Prices may also be too high for your budget. Another solution is to find accommodation in a nearby district or town. Here are some ideas on where to stay near Athens airport.


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Koropi is the capital of the Eastern Attica regional district. On site, you’ll find a donkey park and vineyards. The town is connected to Athens airport by train, metro (line 3) and freeway (exit 6). As a result, it’s an ideal place to stay close to Athens airport.

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Markopoulo Mesogaias

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Not to be confused with Markopoulo Oropu, this town in Attica is located by the sea. In Greek mythology, the scene of Iphigenia’s sacrifice during the Trojan War takes place here. Here you’ll find private accommodation and a number of hotels.

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Spata lies in the middle of the Mesogeia plain, some twenty kilometers southeast of Athens. Part of the international airport is located here. The town is also home to Greece’s largest zoo, the Attica Zoological Park. A land of vineyards, Spata is more of a residential town. There’s no doubt that you’ll find guest rooms to rent here.

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Pórto Ráfti

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This small seaside resort lies to the south of Athens airport. From the port, you can reach three islets: Ráfti, Raftopoúla and Práso. Its proximity to major roads makes it a good choice if you’re looking for accommodation near Athens airport. What’s more, the setting is very pleasant.

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We hope you find these tips on where to stay near Athens airport useful. Just in case, keep them close at hand for your next visit to the Greek capital.

Where can I park at Athens airport?

If you have your own vehicle, you may need to book cheap parking at Athens airport (7,160 long and short-term spaces). To do this, be sure to check prices and availability in advance and online, so as to guarantee yourself a space at the best price.

For your information, P1 and P2 at Athens airport are reserved for short stays. P3 is for longer stays, and is linked to the Main Terminal by a free shuttle bus.