Where to sleep in Usson?

chateau des aiguilles

Planning a trip to the Puy-de-Dôme? Then here are the 6 best places to stay in Usson, one of France’s most beautiful villages!

Situated in the heart of the Auvergne, Usson is one of those French villages that are the pride of our heritage. Dominating the Val d’Allier from its volcanic peak, this beautiful village was once home to one of Auvergne’s most important castles. Now destroyed, the mound where it once stood offers a sublime, unobstructed view of the volcanic massifs of the Cantal, Cézallier and Dômes ranges. Known as the place of exile of Reina Margot, first wife of King Henri IV, Usson is a charming village with a prestigious historical and cultural heritage. Above all, it’s the ideal starting point for visiting the Pays d’Issoire.

To enjoy a pleasant stay in this picturesque Auvergne village, you need to choose the right accommodation. To help you in your adventures, we’ve listed the 6 best places to stay in Usson.

1. Margot’s Inn

auberge de margot

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Budget: €€€

Plus: magnificent view

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful village of Usson, the Auberge de Margot is housed in an old rustic inn with a stone facade. It boasts a superb view of the volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys. Featuring hardwood floors, its 4 cosy rooms offer all the comforts you need for a pleasant stay in the Auvergne.

It’s also home to one of the village’s best restaurants. It serves delicious traditional cuisine. This is definitely one of the best places to stay in Usson and the surrounding area.

2. Le Château des Aiguilles

Le Château des Aiguilles

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Budget: €€

Plus: beautiful outdoor pool

Set in a tree-lined street alongside a stream, this picturesque guesthouse is housed in a 14th-century château. This exceptional establishment is located in the village of Saint-Rémy-de-Chargnat. It’s just 2 kilometers from Usson. It has 4 rustic rooms, all very comfortable and beautifully decorated. Some even have beamed ceilings or exposed brick walls.

This beautiful hotel, one of the best places to stay in Usson and the region, serves breakfast (included) every morning in a charming dining room, or on the terrace in summer. It also offers dinner after dark. The highlight of this charming establishment is of course its gardens and beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

3. Gîte Clin d’œil


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Budget: €€

Plus: panoramic view

Located in the heart of the village of Usson, this charming gîte offers two beautiful, comfortable rooms for your stay in the Auvergne. Well-equipped, they are among the best places to stay in Usson.

Nearby, you’ll find numerous hiking trailheads, as well as several shops and restaurants. Travelers will also enjoy a superb panoramic view of the plain and the Auvergne mountains from this accommodation.

4. Château de la Vernède


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Budget: €€€€

The plus: an exceptional setting

Also located in the village of Saint-Rémy-de-Chargnat, close to Usson, this beautiful guest house offers several rooms for 2 or 4 travelers. The château is nestled in a beautiful park. Steeped in history, it’s a place filled with tranquility. You’ll find it easy to switch off and relax in this beautiful setting.

What’s more, the beautiful village of Usson is just 2 kilometers from the château. So you’ll have no trouble visiting it and discovering the surrounding area.

5. Le Gîte Kermilo

Le Gîte Kermilo

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Budget: €€€

Plus: multiple terraces

This beautiful house is one of the highest in the village of Usson. Nestled just below the hill, its 3 terraces offer superb views of the Auvergne volcanoes. The terraces have three different orientations, so you can make the most of each day’s sunrise and sunset.

Comfortable and well-equipped, this Airbnb is definitely one of the best places to stay in Usson. It can accommodate up to 6 travelers, making it ideal accommodation for families or friends visiting the Auvergne.

6. Luxurious French house in the heart of the village

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Budget: €€€€

Plus: its decor blends the old with the new

Sleeping up to 8 people, this superb, fully renovated house is located in the center of France’s most beautiful village. Blending the ancient with the modern, this Airbnb in Usson has all the comforts you need for a superb stay in the Auvergne. Well-appointed, the house also offers ideal exposure for enjoying beautiful panoramic views.

From inside the house, you can admire the beautiful surrounding countryside. Spacious and well-equipped, it’s definitely one of the best places to stay in Usson. Previous travelers have praised the cleanliness, location and quality of the accommodation.

So where would you like to stay in Usson?

Map of hotels and accommodation – Usson